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Batteries Adelaide

We sell full range of batteries in Adelaide suitable for






Power Sports Car  

Golf Cart   


RV  & Deep Cycle  

Industrial Lawn  

Industrial Garden




All type of Vehicle Batteries

There is a vast range of batteries available to suit almost every need. They are suited for cars, buses and trucks, which are available in high-performance models or ultrahigh-performance models if you require something with a bit more power. When looking to restore power to something as big as a tractor, or as small as a golf cart, we have products available to suit all applications.


If you are not sure what exactly you need, our experts will be able to help you select the right product for your vehicle and the way you use it. There is a range of products available for recreational vehicles as well, with deep cycle options useable to make sure you are getting the most power possible to your motorised home.



Landscaping and Machinery Batteries

Making sure that you get the most out of your ride-on lawn mower all year round. Often the battery is the last thing you consider when you have an issue with your machinery, but if you encounter problems with your machine, Normetals have the solution.



Marine and Boat Batteries

However, if you are looking for a battery for a boat, we can also help you out! There is a range of products available designed for marine-based use, and that can suit your speed-boat and house boat needs to make sure you aren't stranded on the water!


We also have a range of sealed maintenance free batteries with multiple purposes and functionality. Choosing a product such as this can be the difference between keeping your automotive equipment running smoothly for longer, or having to have it fixed or replaced regularly.


So whatever vehicle, appliance or tool you need to keep running, Normetals have the products to do so.