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I Need a Marine Battery, What Now?

Marine Batteries At Normetals

When you think of a steel supply company, your mind often goes straight to things like piping, beams and scrap metal. Well, this is simply not the case at Normetals because we go even further! We supply Adelaide residents with all of the following, as well as an extensive range of batteries for a wide range of machines and vehicles.

But what if you’re in need of a marine appropriate battery solution? Here at Normetals, we’ve got you covered! However, ensuring you make the right battery choice is detrimental when it comes to keeping your boat running smoothly and for longer. Check out the range of batteries we have available below:


Marine Batteries

There’s nothing better than spending the day on your boat for a spot of fishing or getting your adrenaline levels sky high with a jet ski ride. However, the last thing you want to happen is for your marine batteries to die mid-way through the fun, leaving you stranded! And with Winter just around the corner, now is the best time to get your boating needs sorted so that when you’re fighting fit and ready to take on Adelaide’s shores, your boat is too.

If your boat isn’t running as well as it once did, it could be due to an old battery. Luckily for you, Normetals have an abundance of different marine batteries in stock to help you get your boat performing the way it should be!

If this is your first time purchasing a new marine battery, it can be a daunting task. At Normetals, you can rely on the expertise of our experience team to help make the process a breeze!


Other Batteries We Stock

Ever purchased a piece of machinery or a vehicle that works perfectly fine straight up, but as time goes on it begins to slow and just doesn’t run the way it used to? It could very well come down to a problem with your battery. At Normetals, we don’t just sell, we specialise in marine batteries; we do the lot. Helping you to make the most your of your machinery all year round!

We have a broad range of batteries suited for everything from a golf carts, through to large farming tractors, providing you with solutions suited to different applications.

If you’re still a little unsure of exactly what it is you require, our expert team will work with you to find the perfect battery solution all you have to do is drop into our Ottoway location.

For all your Adelaide battery needs, give the Normetals team a visit or call today!

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