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Need a Retaining Wall? Normetals Has You Covered

Retaining walls are used to hold back soil and shape the land around us. Many of your building projects might require the implementation of a retaining wall. Retaining walls come in all sizes and shapes and can be used for many purposes such as separating land of different heights for a seamless outdoor landscape look. Retaining walls are also used in the aesthetics of retirement homes, schools, commercial properties or health centres.

Choosing the right materials and design can provide not only the function you need but a great look as well. If you need to get a retaining wall for your construction project in Adelaide, Normetals can help you out!


Normetals Retaining Wall Services

At Normetals, we run a large building supply business. Without extensive experience and a wide range of high-quality material, we can offer our customers an enormous selection of services. We are here to help you build the retaining wall and anything else you might need.

Often, customers are worried about the possible visual impact of their new retaining walls. Many times retaining walls are a necessity, but they don’t have to be unpleasant to the eye. In reality, a substantial retaining wall can compliment the style and boost the looks of your Adelaide property.


Normetals Has a Large Stock Full of Variety for Your Retaining Wall

By trusting Normetals retaining wall solutions, you can get the beautiful look you aspire for without any trouble. Our building wall offerings come in many different colours, textures and finishes to match any design. Additionally, among our products, we offer patterned and unpatterned concrete sleepers. We have a plentiful supply of wall blocks so that you can get what you need precisely.

The options are endless. Normetals retaining walls can seamlessly blend in with any design or landscape, creating an aesthetically harmonious look.

If you are working in an unusually large project, where a lot of supplies are needed, do not worry. At Normetals, we have a big enough stock and a broad network of suppliers to deliver everything you need at all times. With our broad base of supplies, we will never let you down. Our goal is to be a dependable supplier for our customers and help your project move along on schedule.


Trust Normetals With All Your Retaining Wall Needs

Working at the service of the Adelaide community since 1984, our team is confident we can help you. We can supply you a solution for any kind of retaining wall – big or small, no matter what its shape is. We know how to work with our customer requirements and expectations, so we can offer many options to suit any space and application specifications you might have. Your concept is our guide at all times. You can count on Normetals to provide the retaining wall you need.

Contact our staff at normetals for more information on all your retaining walls needs and find out how we can help you!

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