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Retaining Walls

Within our building supply range we offer services regarding retaining walls. The solutions we offer cover different colours and finishes that will match various design concepts.


We also offer patterned and unpatterned concrete sleepers for a retaining wall, to cater to any design vision you wish to accomplish in your home.


With retaining walls, often the biggest concern is whether there is a look or style available that suits your needs. Any application you come up with can be achieved using the broad range of retaining wall products offered at our depot.



Normetals can offer solutions regarding all different shapes and sizes of retaining walls. 

In addition the size and requirements, there are options available suited for any application and space out there. 

Whether your new retaining wall is large or small, narrow or wide, we have various concrete sleepers available for every concept. 

If you are looking to add a new retaining wall to your property, give Normetals a call.




Residential Fencing and Gates 

Normetals have a vast range of posts and residential fencing available for Tradies and DIYs.


From post and rail fencing to Good Neighbour Fencing (identical look on both sides), there is something available for every design concept.



There is a range of different options available to cater for any size. 

We also offer a large variety of Colourbond colours, corrugated and trim deck options. 

There is also the option for rapid set concrete available, to help with stabilising your footings and fence posts faster than regular concrete.