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Why is recycling scrap metal important in Adelaide?

Recycling is one of the best ways to contribute to a healthier and vibrant Australian environment. The recycling process is becoming more and more popular and is also more accessible. Often when we talk about recycling, we think about plastic, cans/bottles or cardboard. However, the recycling of scrap metal is just as important and can be a significant contribution to the wellbeing of our country for a number of reasons.



The production of steel from raw minerals takes significantly more energy consumption and fossil fuel use, than the reforming of these materials. The air emissions of producing steel products are significant, which leads to a number of environmental issues including pollution and deterioration of individual plants and wildlife.

Creating steel from iron ore requires mining, which once again requires machinery that produces significant carbon emissions. With this in mind, the recycling of scrap metal significantly reduces carbon emissions. Compared to creating steel from scratch, recycling steel requires less energy and therefore preserves fossil fuels.



Like any recycling process, one of the core benefits is the reduced waste around the country. With certain incentives in place, rather than leaving waste on the side of the road or at building sites, you can recycle your scrap to reduce litter. By recycling, you can reduce the amount of waste left around the state, and therefore keep South Australia looking beautiful for the future.

Similarly, by recycling instead of disposing waste at the landfill, we reduce the amount of waste-contaminated areas in the country. Landfill space is increasing significantly which affects water and natural habitats of Australian wildlife. So not only will recycling keep Adelaide looking nice, but also preserve the wildlife that is synonymous with our country.



Often, steel materials are expensive, however, in South Australia, it is important to know that there are financial reimbursements available if you visit a scrap metal merchant like the team at Normetals. There are fluctuating prices for different materials that determine how much money you can get back for depositing your scrap. While some are more than others, this is still a great way to entice Australians to recycle.

Currently in 2017, for recycling copper, you can be reimbursed up to $8 per kilogram, which is a significant sum, especially with large quantities of removed piping. Other materials such as lead and aluminium fetch less, but are still great value. So not only can you help the environment, and the aesthetic of the state, you can be reimbursed for your troubles.

It is clear that the recycling of scrap metal is increasingly important in 2017. If you wish to do your part to help the environment, drop by Normetals Adelaidesite, or give the team a call to ask any questions, you might have.

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