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Cheat sheet for scrap recycling in Adelaide

Everything you Need to Know About Scrap Recycling in Adelaide

Heading into 2018, you hear a few different new years resolutions. Lose some weight, read more and recycle more. All of these are fantastic and achievable goals, and with a vast range of recyclable materials out there, you can make your contribution with ease.

The recycling of glass, plastic and cardboard is becoming common practice, but when it comes to scrap metal recycling in Adelaide, not as many people are joining the party. At Normetals, we love all things metal, and as a result, we take scrap steel materials off your hands. To make this process as easy as possible, we have highlighted the three things you need to know about this process in order to make your contribution.

Cash for scrap

Perhaps the most enticing thing about scrap metal recycling in Adelaide is the money you can receive from registered scrap metal retailers like Normetals. There are fluctuating prices based on demand; however, per kilogram, you are always going to get some money back. Some metals such as copper and brass are worth more and others like aluminium are worth less. However, there is always some form of compensation for your troubles, and all you need to do is gather up any scrap metal you may have from renovations and take them to Normetals where our team will take care of the rest.


Environmental benefits

If you are committing to recycling scrap metal in Adelaide, you probably already know the environmental benefits the process has. However, you might not know the specifics. Rather than produce new metal materials from scratch, which requires the use of depleting natural resources, recycled metal can be reformed into new products time and time again without losing it’s high-quality. This process takes 25% less energy than producing the materials from scratch. This consequently decreases carbon emissions through the shortened manufacturing process.

If everyone recycled scrap metal, we would be able to continuously use recycled products for years to come without having to mine iron ore to create more!



Let’s be honest; everyone is busy! At Normetals, we understand that life can get in the way, and making this contribution on your own time may not be the most exciting prospect. However, we have designed our site for the best possible user convenience. Located in the central and convenient location of Grand Junction Road, you will be in and out with your compensation in no time! In the big country town of Adelaide, you are only a short drive away from everywhere, including Normetals!

Recycling scrap metal is easy and extremely beneficial. With the above three tips, your Adelaide scrap metal recycling experience will be a breeze! If you have some old frames or piping to get rid of, swing by Normetals today!

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