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Different Types Of Steel Supplies & Their Uses

Are you about to start a professional or DIY project, but are unsure about which steel supplies you need? Normetals offers a full range of steel supplies in Adelaide and can help you select the best options for the job. Here, we list just some of the steel products that we offer for pickup in Ottoway or delivery across metro Adelaide.


RHS — or rectangular hollow structural sections — are one of the most versatile and durable types of steel. From agricultural projects to commercial construction, RHS can be used in an endless range of applications.

RHS is commonly used in projects both small and large, including gate construction, fencing, posts, decking, rails and bearings for floors. With its rust resistant properties and ability to withstand high temps as well as intense pressure, RHS is a perfect solution for construction projects.

Galvanised Pipe

Galvanised pipe is coated with a zinc material, so the pipe is more resistant to corrosion. This type of steel product is primarily used for plumbing — in particular, to facilitate the supply of water. Galvanised pipe is more expensive than other pipes, due to its durability and corrosion-resistant qualities.

Black Pipe

This uncoated pipe is dark in colour due to the iron-oxide formed on the surface during the pipe manufacturing process. Black pipe is more fire-resistant than galvanised pipe and is suitable for gas, oil and petroleum applications. Black pipe is manufactured without seams and is therefore a strong, durable and safe option.

Structural Steel

As the name suggests, structural steel is an essential steel supplies for construction projects. The product offers strength as well as malleability, so there are more options to create unusual or challenging spaces. Structural steel can be utilised to create curved forms in architectural projects. This product is ideal for large expanses, as it offers a cost-effective solution for spanning long distances. It also offers fire and earthquake resistant properties.

Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing mesh is used to strengthen flat concrete surfaces including concrete slabs and walls. It is available in a range of styles including square, rectangular and trench options.

Galvanised Mesh

This steel supply is primarily used in agricultural and residential settings as a protective measure on cages, animal enclosures and fencing. Galvanised mesh is flexible and easy to work with, but it also offers exceptional strength. We stock galvanised mesh in rolls as well as sheets.

Normetals For Steel Supplies In Adelaide

When you’re ready to tackle your next project, get into Normetals. Our team can help you select the right steel supplies for the job, whether it’s RHS, galvanised mesh or black pipe. Call our helpful staff at our Ottoway premises today on 08 8240 0066.

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