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How easy is it to recycle at a scrap metal in Adelaide

In 2017, Australians are recycling more scrap metal than ever. This is a fantastic step in the right direction that with have fantastic repercussions for the planet. At Normetals Adelaide, we know that the idea of recycling scrap can be a bit of a headache, but we are here to tell you that in Adelaide, it is incredibly easy to recycle scrap metal with us for a number of reasons.



At Normetals, we are steel specialists. Offering a range of different metal products, we are a unique service that will have everyone covered. We have materials available for beams, fencing and sheets that will have all of your steel requirements sorted. However, our recycling is what separates us from other steel suppliers. With all of the necessary equipment to take and deposit different metals, we can help you make your contribution to a sustainable environment.



The convenient and accessible location of our facilities makes it all the more easy to recycle scrap. On Grand Junction Road in Adelaide, we are a central commercial property that is easily accessible for all South Australian residents. You will be able to drop off your steel big or small, and our team can efficiently and quickly determine how much you are entitled to for your scrap. In Adelaide, central locations are a quick drive away from just about every area, so if you have some spare time, and a bit of scrap metal laying around, Normetals will be your best bet.


Cash for scrap

Not only is this service easy and beneficial, but we also offer Adelaide homeowners cash for scrap services. There are fluctuating prices for every type of metal. While some materials such as copper are worth more, all materials will attract some kind of rebate. Prices change depending on demand. However, Normetals in Adelaide offer some of the best scrap priceson the current market.



With a long list of services, we are unlike any other metal supplier and recycler in the country. As well as taking scrap we also produce and sell metal supplies such as piping, chains, plates and other metal products. We also have retaining walls fencing, gates and shed services for all of the metal and stone needs you may have around your home. Finally, Normetals even offer batteries. There is a huge range of car and boat batteries available for any commercial or personal need you may have, really emphasising the individual service we have.


At Normetals, it is incredibly easy to recycle your steel. Our team are experienced and passionate and can help you with every potential metal-related need you may have. Spanning further than just metal, our convenient location should be considered by every resident in Adelaide who has queries or requirements. Swing by Normetals today for steel supplies and cash for scrap.

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