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How recycling scrap metal preserves natural resources

By now, we know that in Australia, we can be financially compensated for recycling scrap metal. This incentive stemmed from a very real long list of environmental benefits that come with recycling. One of the core positives that comes from recycled metal is its preservation of natural resources.

At Normetals, we are conscious of how our work affects the environment. With diminishing natural resources, we can help you understand how your scrap metal can be used as a step in the right direction for a more sustainable country and environment.


Shortened manufacturing period

One of the main benefits of recycling is the reduced manufacturing time. By cutting down the time, it would take to create the metal from raw materials; we preserve fossil fuels by limiting the consumption that would otherwise go to running the machinery. A quarter of the energy is saved from reforming used scrap, and this can be done time and time again without any effect on the quality of the final product. So the more we recycle, the less energy we will be using during the creation of these materials.


Reuse of iron ore

Often referred to as ‘closing the loop,’ reusing metal products will fully stop the mining of the materials. The closed loop means the complete use of recycled materials, rather than continuous mining for new manufacturing. This is a dual approach, as it reduces carbon emissions created by mining machinery, and also preserves these resources that are depleting rapidly. As we continue to recycle scrap metal in Adelaide, and the reuse of these materials becomes more and more common, we will require less of these minerals for manufacturing. With the reduced production time of reforming these materials, we can also enjoy the decreased carbon emissions that comes as a result.


Recycle, recycle, recycle!

We must recycle! For the longevity of our planet, and to create a more sustainable and efficient steel manufacturing process. Every tonne of recycled steel saves 1131 kg of iron ore, 633 kg of coal and 54 kg of limestone, so every item of scrap counts! At Normetals in Adelaide we offer scrap for cash. So not only can you make a significant contribution to a sustainable environment and the preservation of these natural resources, but you can also be compensated for doing so! Whether you have some old aluminium window frames, or something as large as an old car body, Normetals have the facilities to accurately determine how much you should be compensated, and can do so with ease..

The recycling of scrap metal is one of the best commitments you can make to our environment. With countless positive environmental benefits, (one being the preservation of natural resources), the environmentally conscious team at Normetals in Adelaidecan help you make your contribution. For cash for scrap metal in Adelaide or any other metal-related requirements, you may have, call or visit Normetals today!

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