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Looking for steel supplies in Adelaide? Normetals has you covered.

Normetals has you covered for steel supplies in Adelaide

At Normetals, we can say with absolute certainty that we are a premier Adelaide steel supplies service. We offer a range of products and services that combine what would typically be a separate businesses. With industrial products, as well as scrap services for big and small projects, we can give you your required steel products, or take away your scrap steel.

Whether your next product is around the house, or you need some heavy duty products for a commercial property, we can help you out, with Adelaide’s best customer service and functionality, Normetals has Adelaide steel suppliescovered.


Fencing, Sheds and gates

Our steel products cover some of the most fundamental aspects of an Adelaide home. We offer a range of different fences and gates. We have fencing and gate products that are designed for suburban residential properties. We also have larger commercial fencing and gates that can be used for properties where security is paramount, and agricultural properties were you need to keep livestock in and predators out. There are a range of different colours and styles available, so there will be size and application that suits your needs!


Adelaide Steel Supplies

We have a range of steel products for pickup and delivery. These include mesh, welding rod and galvanised sheeting for any construction needs you may have. Similarly, we have large tubing and steel beams that can be delivered to a construction site for installation.

We also have chains and even anchors. Available in a range of sizes and lengths you will be able to find the steel product you need. With racks of different products, we will surprise you with just how many different variations we offer.


Batteries and car bodies

As well as traditional scrap metal such as offcuts, old piping and window frames, we take large-scale scrap steel in the form of car bodies. If you are a mechanic or collector, the disposal of old car bodies can be difficult. At Normetals we can take them off your hands.

We also offer a range of batteries for boats and cars, and although this doesn’t exactly fall within the parameters of Adelaide’s steel supplies, it’s a service we love to offer to our customers.


Other services

It doesn’t end there! We offer competitive pricing for scrap metal following the state trends for pricing. Per kilogram, you can be handsomely compensated for the scrap steel you have. Whether it is copper, brass or aluminium, there’ll be some kind of rebate for the material you bring in.

All of your Adelaide steel supply needs can be solved at Normetals. With a convenient location and a friendly and knowledgeable team, we can help you get all of the products you may need for your next project. Bring your scrap metal by today, or call and ask about our vast stock of steel supplies!

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