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More than just a scrap metal dealer

For your convenience and peace of mind, all in one service is exactly what every South Australian looks for. At Normetals, we place pride in the fact that we are one of Adelaide’s leading all-in-one steel businesses. We offer products and services like no other steel supplier and dealer in Adelaide, and we are confident that we have your steel requirements big or small covered.

At Normetals, we have a range of services that extend much further than your traditional scrap and metal dealer. As well as taking scrap for cash, we sell and deliver steel products for commercial and residential projects. If you are looking for an Adelaide scrap and metal dealer that ticks all of the boxes, look no further than Normetals.


Steel supplies

As well as taking your scrap steel for cash, we offer a range of steel supplies that can be used for the vast majority of projects. Whether it is beams, piping or steel plates, we are an Adelaide scrap metal dealer that has it all. If you are completing a commercial project that requires a range of steel products for construction, we can help you during this process, and bring your required materials to the site.

If there is a particular steel item you are looking for, come by Normetals and browse our range of products. We have racks and racks of steel supplies covering multiple industries.


Car bodies

Whether you are a mechanic, car collector, or have had an unfortunate accident, Normetals have the capability to take car bodies off your hands. We have the facilities to handle services of this scale at our large Grand Junction Road location. If your business has car bodies lying around, and you want to clear some space, give the expert team at Normetals a call today so we can help you get rid of them!


Shed’s, gates and fencing

Everybody needs a gate, a fence or a shed, and at Normetals, we sell a range of these products. Available in a long list of different styles, sizes and functions we can supply gates and fences for rural properties. Similarly, we offer a range of prefabricated sheds that are perfect for some added storage or even extra space for a man cave or a gym.

We even go further than steel by also offering non-steel products such as retaining wall blocks and car batteries!

If you are looking for a scrap and metal dealer in Adelaide that can do more than just taking scrap for cash, look no further. We can supply you with steel for your big or small projects, replace your fence, or take away your larger waste. If you need steel or want to get rid of some, swing by Normetalls today!

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