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Normetals – a unique experience for all of your steel supply needs.

Normetals for all of your steel supply needs.

We live in a world where so many products we come in contact with on a day-to-day basis are comprised of steel. As a result, Normetals has flown to the forefront of Adelaide steel supplies – giving customers from projects big and small a simple process for acquiring all of their steel products in Adelaide.

We are unlike any Adelaide steel supplier and offer an extensive range of products to our customers, as well as other services aimed at helping you remove clutter and dispose of any steel waste you may have. If you are looking for an Adelaide steel supplier that ticks all of the boxes look no further than Normetals.


Adelaide Steel Supplies for all products

Our warehouse is packed with different piping and beams at all different widths and lengths. For large industrial projects, we can deliver the steel to the site, no matter how much or little you need. We also have a range of different fencing and gate solutions for commercial, residential and even rural properties.

If you are looking for steel products that are durable and come in a range of different formats, we have galvanised sheeting and mesh as well as different thicknesses of rods for other construction purposes. We have infinite possibilities for sheds and can help you construct a small storage facility or workshop in your yard.


Scrap steel

As well as providing you with a long list of steel supplies in Adelaide, Normetals can also take your unwanted steel off your hands. Whether you are finishing a large project and have a significant amount of scrap steel left, or you pulled out some old copper piping from your laundry on the weekend, we can buy it off you. That’s right! Buy it! There is a price for each type of metal material we come across, and these rise and fall depending on demand. If it is cumbersome, we can take it away for you, and for bringing it to Normetals, you will be compensated for your troubles!


All the rest

It doesn’t end there. Our unique list of services continue to cover a number of different Adelaide steel suppliercategories, and our team showcase their functionality of the business in many ways.


Location – Situated on Grand Junction Road, our large facilities and convenient location makes our site easy to access. You can get in and out without stress, something that is incredibly beneficial to those who just want to get rid of some scrap metal.


Passion – Our team know all the ins and outs of scrap metal supplies. We can inform you, help you make a decision and point you in the right direction.
Chains and Anchors – We also have chains and anchors on offer for all of our customers. In a range of different sizes and weights, you can secure your boat without any stress.


It is simple – you have a steel requirement, we can help. With an extensive range of services and products, Normetals should be your next stop! Drop by today to chat with one of our experts about our products!

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