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Normetals Supply a Full Range of Steel Products For Small & Large Building Projects

From backyard sheds to a block of units, no building project is too big or too small for Normetals, South Australia’s leading steel supplier. We cater to builders and DIY enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of steel products, all under one roof. You name it, we stock it!

One-Stop Shop for All Your Steel Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor tackling a multi-story development or a first-time builder crafting your dream shed, Normetals has you covered. We stock a diverse inventory of steel products under one roof, eliminating the need to visit multiple suppliers and saving you valuable time and resources.

A Full Steel Range

  • Blackform & Galvanised Sheets: Durable and versatile, perfect for roofing, cladding, and various external applications.
  • Heavy & Light Structural Steel: The backbone of construction, available in beams, columns, and angles for robust frameworks.
  • Welding Rod & Mig Wire: Forge strong connections with our high-quality welding consumables, ensuring lasting structural integrity.
  • Solid Rounds & Squares: Ideal for structural reinforcements, railings, and decorative accents, adding both strength and style.
  • Chains & Anchors: Secure your projects with heavy-duty options for marine and agricultural applications, providing unparalleled stability.
  • Wire & Mesh: Ideal for fencing, gates, and reinforcement purposes, offering both security and practicality.
  • Reinforcing Products: Ensure maximum strength and stability with our comprehensive range of rebar, mesh, and stirrups.
  • Fencing Supplies: From panels and posts to gates and hardware, we have everything you need to secure your perimeter.
  • Rhs, Pipe & Flats: Versatile options for framing, plumbing, and electrical installations, providing structural support and functional elements.

Convenient Delivery or Pick-Up

We understand that building projects involve logistics, and time is often precious. That’s why Normetals offers both convenient delivery and pick-up options. We can arrange for efficient delivery of your steel supplies directly to your construction site, ensuring timely arrival and minimising logistical headaches. Alternatively, you can visit our facility at 255 Grand Junction Road, Ottoway, where our friendly staff will assist you in loading your purchases onto your trailer or truck.

Building with Confidence

Choosing Normetals as your steel supplier means you’re partnering with a company that cares about your success. We offer competitive prices, expert advice, and outstanding customer service to ensure your project goes smoothly. No matter the size or complexity of your undertaking, we’re here to help you build with confidence and achieve exceptional results.

Want to Know More?

Speak to our friendly team at Normetals today. Based in Ottoway – Adelaide, you can email or call us on 08 8240 0066 and we’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote.

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Get in touch with Normetals to organise your pickup or delivery.

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