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Our Steel Pipe, RHS, Merchant Bar and Other Steel Supplies

Normetals is known in Adelaide and beyond as a leading supplier of steel supplies. This blog article is to remind of you of exactly what materials those supplies include – from steel pipe to rectangular hollow section to merchant bar and more.

Steel Pipe

Normetals can provide galvanised pipe or black pipe, in sizes from 15NB (nominal bore, i.e. internal diameter) to 150NB. The difference between these two types of steel pipe is that the galvanised is coated with zinc, while the black sort is uncoated.

Common uses of galvanised pipe: water lines, gas lines, sewerage lines, farm irrigation, railings, building scaffolding.

Common uses of black pipe: gas lines, sprinkler systems, etc.

Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)

Normetals offers painted and galvanised rectangular hollow section, made from Australian or imported steel, in several sizes. This popular steel framing material has a huge array of uses, and we’re bound to have the right size to suit your project.

Common uses of rectangular hollow section: steel frames, steel columns, mechanical projects, etc.

Merchant Bar

Whether it’s for an industrial, rural or residential job, you’ll find the right merchant bar (in the right quantity) among the selection offered by Normetals – we have flat, round and angle, all of steel grade 250 plus.

Common uses of merchant bar: Floor and roof joists, walkways, ornamental furniture, brackets, fencing.

Structural Steel

When it comes to structural steel such as universal beams and parallel flange channels, if Normetals doesn’t already have it on hand, we can probably source it for you.

Common uses of structural steel: construction from homes to hangars, schools to stadiums, business offices to bridges.

Chains & Anchors

Normetals has you covered in the chain and anchor department, with a variety of each available. They’re in plenty of sizes, with the common factor of delivering high holding power in maritime or other situations.

Our chains aren’t only for anchors. They are also a necessary component in agricultural settings, where they may be used in conjunction with farm equipment such as manure spreaders and certain baling machines.

Steel-Cutting Service

Normetals is happy to cut your steel products to the desired measurements on site, utilising our guillotine, large bandsaw and small cut-off saw.

Looking for Top-Quality Steel Supplies in the Adelaide Area?

Normetals can help! Whether you’re after steel pipe, rectangular hollow section (RHS), merchant bar or other steel materials, we can supply them. Simply email us at , call toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the online form here. Our five-acre site is equipped with a weigh bridge, trucks, forklifts and a 10-tonne crane. We aim to make things as easy for our customers as possible!

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