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The Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

In our increasingly environmentally concerned society, there’s a push to recycle as many suitable materials as possible. Scrap-metal recycling may seem a bit more daunting to the average person, but once you realise how many metals/items are recyclable, it’s an exercise with many benefits. We’ve listed five of the main plusses below, followed by our contact details for when you’re ready to recycle.

Scrap-Metal Recycling Can Make You Money

Aluminium, brass, copper, lead and steel can all be recycled. Batteries, car bodies, door and window frames, home items, leftovers from industrial projects and radiators are just some of the metal items that tend to be prime candidates for recycling. And all of them can potentially put money in your pocket. Now, obviously the type, grade and condition of the metal is a factor, and market prices do fluctuate, but you’d be surprised at how quickly the value of a pile of unwanted scrap adds up!

Scrap-Metal Recycling Declutters Your Space

Let’s face it, too many backyards, garages, factories, etc. are home to discarded metal items that do nothing except look bad, block your path and prevent the space from being put to better use. Get into the habit of recycling any scrap you don’t need and your family and employees will thank you. Remember that the longer you leave it lying about, the more the metal is exposed to damage and/or wear.

Scrap-Metal Recycling Helps the Environment

If we leave scrap metal just sitting around or – even worse – consign it to landfill, then by “taking it out of circulation”, we indirectly add to the need to either mine and refine more minerals into a useable form in Australia or to import processed metal from elsewhere. Both options mean a greater drain on ecosystems and a larger amount of pollution generated than would be the case from recycling. Ultimately, scrap-metal recycling, like all recycling, is healthier for the landscape, fauna, flora and for us!

Scrap-Metal Recycling Leads to New Items

When you deposit your scrap metal with a reputable recycler or they collect it, the stuff doesn’t just disappear in a puff of goodwill. It begins an industrial journey that could see it turned into anything from kitchenware to cars, building frames to jewellery. The important part is that it goes from being a resource that was essentially being wasted to an item that may be used by many people for years to come.

Scrap-Metal Recycling Improves Our Future

We’re not just talking about the eco-friendly aspect of recycling, which was covered above. The point we want to make here is that as an increasing number of us get into the habit of recycling metals, the systems involved will become even more efficient, easier to use and lucrative, too. What’s more, we set an example for younger generations, hopefully leading to a society where metal is never wasted.

Got Scrap Metal to Recycle?

At Normetals, we’re known as a leader in buying scrap metal both in Adelaide and across South Australia. If you have some suitable materials you want get rid of from your home, farm or business, we can offer convenience, competitive prices and the best service. For more information or to organise your scrap-metal recycling call our toll-free number – 1800 88 22 66 .

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