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What steel products are available at Normetals?

At Normetals, we like to think ourselves an incredibly unique business. With cash for scrap services, a range of batteries for purchase, and a one-stop-shop for steel supplies in Adelaide, we are quickly becoming one of the state’s leading suppliers of steel products.

If you are wondering just what steel products we offer, we are here to tell you that there is a long list of different products for everything from large commercial projects to small residential alterations, even recreation. For all the Adelaide steel supplies you might need, visit Normetals.


Fences and gates

We stock one of the largest warehouses of fencing supplies in Adelaide. With kilometres worth of fencing for rural properties, you or your installer can find the product at Normetals. We also understand the importance of security and peace of mind and have continued to expand our steel supply list to include a range of different gates for rural and commercial purposes. Whether you are trying to keep people out or something in, we have got you covered.



We offer prefabricated shed materials for a extra storage at your property. Coming in different sizes and colours, these steel sheds are great for bikes, golf clubs, boxes or even a little gym or man cave. If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a weekend builder, these sheds are simple to put together, and we can provide you with advice as to how they work. Or, we can arrange it for you.



Chains are commonly used in more applications than we can count! For towing, securing and building and boating, we have a chain length and size that will suit your need. For the marine enthusiasts out there, you can pick up an anchor to go with your chain! Why not purchase an anchor made from high-quality steel to ensure that your boat stays put!


Piping, rods and beams

Perhaps our most commonly purchased products, we have a range of structural steel supplies used for everything from welding, to commercial frames. We can help you find exactly what the plan describes, with a range of different widths and lengths, you’ll find what you need at Normetals. Not only do we offer these products for a range of projects, but we also deliver them to site. So for project managers looking to get steel delivered, we can bring it directly to site.


Your steel supply needs can be met at Normetals. Our large facilities and convenient location make us the leading Adelaide steel supply specialists. If you want to ask some questions about our stock, or are looking to place an order for that big project you have coming up, call the team at Normetals today.

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