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What`s On Offer At Normetals Adelaide?

Normetals can help you with all of your scrap metal and metal supply needs in the Adelaide area. Since 1984, we’ve been helping out the community in business and at home, providing a variety of services.


One of the reasons why Adelaide clients keep choosing us, over and over again, is our commitment! We make customer service our first priority. That means that we spare no resource in helping you get what you are looking for exactly. And thanks to our extensive network of suppliers and first-class facilities, you can always count on us having what you need!


But, what exactly does Normetals offer its clients? Take a look at our services!


Scrap Metal Services in Adelaide

How would you feel about earning some extra cash in exchange for your scrap metal products? At Normetals Adelaide, we pay a fair price for all your scrap metal! That means that you’ll get to get rid of what you no longer use while making some money. We accept a wide variety of metal products, including the following: car bodies, radiators, copper, brass, aluminium, lead, and other industrial scraps. Find us with your scrap metal at our Adelaide facilities from Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings. You won’t regret making the most out of your scrap at Normetals!


Steel Supplies For Your Adelaide Business

We are also well-known in the area for our extensive range of steel products available for sale. Some of our offerings include pipes, structural steel, welding rods, wire, mesh, reinforcing products, fencing supplies and more! All of your orders can be delivered or picked up depending on what’s more convenient for you. Not only is our range of products very diverse, but it is also competitively priced. This makes Normetals your best choice for steel supplies, no doubt.


Residential Projects For Your Adelaide Home

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Then consider working with Normetals in your next home project. We have a wide variety of high-quality products available that can improve your residential property. With our resistant and well designed retaining walls, sheds, fencing and gates your home will look it’s very best.


Get Any Kind Of Battery You Might Need

People rarely think about batteries until they need one. And the worse part about it is that most don’t have a clue about where to acquire them. Thankfully though, at Normetals you can find almost any kind of battery you can need. We sell many different types of batteries suitable for cars, trucks, and buses. We also count on a selection of batteries for other kinds of vehicles such as golf carts, boats, and lawnmowers. Keep all your tools, for land or water, running as smoothly as can be! Normetals has everything you’ll need.


Rural Fencing To Protect Your Adelaide Property

Do you have a farm or other kind of rural property? Then you certainly know how important keeping your livestock and crops safe is. Normetals rural fencing guarantees the highest level of security for your land. Plus, its design will keep your property looking its best.


Normetals Adeliade: Much More Than Scrap Metal

At Normetals we help our Adelaide customers get a good value return for all their scrap metal. But it doesn’t stop there. We offer various services to help you in business and at home. With your best interests in mind, Normetals will be your new go-to spot for all things metal.


What are you waiting for? Contact us and find out more about our services.

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