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Who recycles scrap metal near me?

Whether you are clearing out your shed, or are a builder finishing up a job, there is a fair chance you will be left with some form of scrap metal you need to get rid of. If you are in this position, and what to do the right thing for the environment, you might be stifled by not knowing where to take your scrap metal. At Normetals, we take care of all of your scrap metal needs, and a few of their services can help you with so much more than just recycling.


Cash for Scrap

Operating as a scrap metal merchant in Adelaide, Normetals have all of the attributes that ensure you are well compensated for doing the right thing. Recycling has so many benefits environmentally, and financially. To manufacture steel from iron ore creates significant amounts of carbon emissions, whereas the recycling of the material is cheaper and takes less time.

With this in mind, Normetals pay per kilogram for certain materials, giving you a chance to cash in on the recycling these items, and help contribute to a cleaner

environment. The incentive drives more people to recycle scrap, and rather than paying to dump these materials at a landfill; you can reap the benefits of doing the right thing!


Additional Services

Not only do Normetals operate as a scrap metal merchant, but they also provide a range of services concerning all things metal. Whether you need fencing or need to get rid of a car body, they have you covered. This kind of service should be what you are looking for when you have steel to be recycled, as with a place like Normetals, you know that the materials will be put to good use.

With an array of services comes knowledge, and this expertise exhibited in the Normetals team means that all of your questions and queries will be answered, as well as any requests you may have for purchasing additional steel products.



Due to our range of steel products that are sold to an array of industries, we ensure that the recyclable materials are going to the right location for reprocessing. This could be mesh, fence posts, chains or even anchors, whatever it is, your scrap can aid in the production of these materials. Rather than taking your excess materials to a depot where their result is unknown, it provides environmental peace of mind to see exactly what they can be turned into!

So, if you are looking for someone close who recycles scrap metal, Normetals’ convenient Grand Junction Road location is precisely what you are looking for. With a range of services and a helpful team, you can be in and out of their enormous site quickly with some cash for your troubles.

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