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Why You Should Recycle Scrap Metal – And How We Can Help

We’ve done a number of articles in the past on the important topic of how and where to recycle scrap metal in Adelaide (and beyond). The aim of this one is slightly different and is twofold: 1. Serving as a reminder of the top five reasons for recycling any unwanted metal items you may have, and 2. Noting how Normetals can help in each case.

Reason for Recycling #1: To Clean Up your Living/Work Space

The term declutter gets thrown around a lot these days and with good reason. Many of us have objects laying about our homes, garages, yards, stores and factories for which we have no further need. Not only are they usually eyesores, they cause obstructions and can even lead to unsafe spaces. It makes sense to recycle these objects where possible, especially if they are made of highly useful metals like brass and copper.
How Normetals can help: We can tell you which particular metals are recyclable (and accepted by us). If you are recycling car parts, for example, we can let you know the key components other than the actual body, e.g. the battery and radiator.

Reason for Recycling #2: Because it is Environmentally Responsible

We all know that recycling is a responsible choice, which is another argument against stockpiling metal items for which you don’t have a use. Or, far worse, throwing them away like rubbish. Put simply, taking your scrap to a reputable dealer such as Normetals is the right thing to do.
How Normetals can help: Our facility is designed to make unloading simple, but if you don’t want to bring the scrap yourself, we can even organise collection. If you’re recycling building material (such as metal window frames) at a worksite, for instance, you could utilise one of our skip bins.

Reason for Recycling #3: Supporting Manufacturing

While we’re all trying to be more eco-friendly in our choices (see previous point), society still requires new metal objects, and that means our manufacturers require the metal to make them. Putting reusable material back into this system has wider benefits like reducing the pollution resulting from mining raw minerals.
How Normetals can help: When you recycle scrap metal in Adelaide with a trusted firm such as Normetals, the metal you bring us gets to exactly where it needs to go, smoothly and efficiently.

Reason for Recycling #4: Supporting the Recycling System

You’ve surely heard the expression, “Use it or lose it.” The more we practise recycling – whether recycling car parts or metal furniture or house fittings or whatever else – the healthier this vital industry will be.
How Normetals can help: If you support us, we will always be around to handle your metal recycling and much more, and we will continue to improve the services we provide.

Reason for Recycling #5: To Make Money!

Some might say that this should have been Reason #1. Anyway, the point is that those piles of discarded metal cluttering up many of our living/work spaces could be dollars in our pockets. To return to the example of recycling building material, the old metal doors/frames could be paying off a chunk of their new replacements!
How Normetals can help: As attested to by countless satisfied customers, we will give you a fair price based on the current market for the metal in question.

Ready to Recycle Scrap Metal in Adelaide?

Normetals is here to assist! We have the facility, equipment, staff and knowhow to make the process as easy for you as possible. You can email us at , call us toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the form located here. Following that link will also give you our opening hours, street address in Ottaway (Adelaide) and a handy map.

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