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Will I get cash on the spot for my scrap metal?

The environmental benefits of recycling are undeniable. Decreased carbon emissions and the reused materials benefit the ecosystem and help maintain the beautiful look of Australia. However, one thing all Australians should consider is the money you can get for taking your scrap metal to a registered merchant. With fluctuating prices and a consistent demand for these products, everyone can be reimbursed for their scrap metal in Adelaide.


Why do I get money for steel

Not only do large industrial building companies deliver scrap to metal merchants in Adelaide, but small builders and even homeowners reap the benefits of this system. Steel manufacturers can reuse a lot of these metal materials. Whether it is lead, aluminium, copper or brass, this material can become an array of materials when it is reformed. Rather than continuously mining for iron ore, it is cheaper to reuse products. So, steel merchants purchase this product and deliver it to manufacturers to turn into more products for everyday use.


This price is based on weight (per kilogram). Often, if a builder or a homeowner has several kilograms worth of material, they will be able to receive significant dividends for the items, Particularly some of the more in-demand products. You are well entitled to the money you receive for steel, so you should visit Normetals as soon as possible. However, you should also be aware that not all prices are the same.


Varying prices

The products can be in higher demand than others, and therefore, like any commodity, they are worth more. An example of this is copper. The material which is commonly found in piping or wiring currently in 2017 sits at around $8 a kilogram, with prices historically being much higher than that, and sometimes even lower. With some large plumbing jobs there can be a surplus of this material, and therefore, the financial reimbursement can be quite significant!

Some of the more common materials such as aluminium, which is found in cans, window frames and gutters, is not worth as much. However, it’s remanufacturing is exceptionally beneficial to the environment, as the aluminium can be recycled very quickly, and takes 80% fewer carbon emissions than the creation of the material from scratch.


It is important to know that although there are some midrange metals such as brass, the density of the items means that the weight adds up quickly. So while you think heading to Normetals might not be worth your time, think again!


The short answer is yes – you will get the cash on the spot for your scrap metals at Normetals in Adelaide. Whether you have a lot of materials or just a few scraps from around the house, you can be reimbursed quickly and efficiently. Drop by Normetals on Grand Junction Road today!

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