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Earn Money From Your Scrap Metal With Normetals!

Earn Cash For Scrap, It’s As Simple As That!

If you have any scrap metal laying around, why not turn it in at Normetals Adelaide to receive a cash rebate! We accept several types of metals and will compensate you for your efforts based on the size of the load.

Normetals Adelaide knows the processes of manufacturing steel, and it is much easier to recycle old used scrap metal rather than produce it from scratch.

You’ll not only be putting a bit of extra cash in your pocket, but you’ll be helping out the environment as well, reducing carbon emissions which means minimising pollution and global warming.


Where to Find Scrap in Adelaide

There are a few areas to look for scrap metal, the best place to start is your home, especially in your garage or shed. There you might find old tools that never get used or even spare mechanical parts from a car or a motorcycle, all of which is acceptable at Normetals.

Your backyard is also an excellent place to look for any unused goods that sit there collecting dust. If you just completed a job in Adelaide, chances are you’re going to have some leftover scrap metal, instead of throwing it away, come into Normetals, we’ll take it off your hands and offer you cash in return.


What Scrap Metal is Acceptable?

Copper & Brass

These two metals are the most popular when it comes to scrap; they can take many forms such as wiring and piping which you’ll typically use for a lot of jobs around the house.

Brass is mainly used for mechanical purposes and in construction sites. It can be found in abundance which is perfect for a nice cash rebate per kilogram in Adelaide.

Lead & Aluminium

Lead is quite commonly found around construction sites in the form of piping, rods and sheeting as well as nuts and bolts; whether it’s big or small, we accept all quantities that you bring in to us.

Aluminium products are also in abundance around worksites and in your home. Items such as foil, bike frames, ladders, golf clubs are all made out of aluminium. If they are no longer usable, then they are scrap metal for repurposing at Normetals Adelaide!


Car Bodies & Batteries

If you have a car lying around that’s met the end of its lifecycle, why not turn it in for scrap metal and receive instant cash back! Take note however, we do not accept gas tanks and bottles and will not offer you a rebate on these products.

Car batteries have high amounts of lead which means we’ll be able to take it off your hands as scrap metal for repurposing. Normetals Adelaide provides peace of mind by stripping down your vehicle and removing the battery safely and correctly.


Come and see us!

If you have any scrap metal come into Normetals Adelaide today to get some cash back, you can find our recycling depot in Ottoway. We welcome all industrial and commercial deliveries, as well as from members of the general public.

If you’re in the process of relocating to a different location, Normetals provide a unique service where we can come to your site and clean out large factories for scrap metal and machinery. We eliminate all of the unwanted stress to make life easier for you.

If you have any scrap metal, we’d love to take it off your hands, so come in and see us today or feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

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