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20 Fascinating Facts About Recycled Steel

Steel is the backbone of our modern world, used in everything from skyscrapers and bridges to cars and appliances. But did you know most of…

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Scrap Metal Recycling
Recycling Demolition Scrap Metal – What You Need to know!

While demolition is a necessary part of urban development, the sheer volume of demolition scrap metal it creates can have a significant environmental impact. Landfills…

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Steel Supplies
Normetals Supplies – Steel Livestock Equipment in Adelaide

At Normetals, we offer a comprehensive range of steel products designed to meet the specific needs of your farm. From robust cattle panels to secure…

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Normetals Your Friends for Eco-Friendly Metal Recycling in Adelaide

Normetals, Adelaide’s trusted partner in all things metal, is a passionate advocate for eco-friendly metal recycling. We understand the importance of a sustainable future, and…

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scrap iron and scrap metal, waste and garbage on a junkyard
Turning Scrap Metal into a Sustainable Future for South Australia

Here at Normetals, we believe in a sustainable future for our state. Recycling scrap metal plays a crucial role in achieving this goal, and we’re…

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Containers From A Height With Different Types Of Metal, Sorting For Remelting Metal Products
What you need to know about scrap metal

In 2017, we know that more and more people are choosing to recycle certain materials for a number of reasons. Whether it is cans and…

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