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Rural Products & Farm Gates Adelaide

Secure your property with Normetals' rugged rural products and farm gates. Our durable, high-quality range withstands the harsh demands of the Aussie landscape, safeguarding your property and livestock. From fencing to heavy-duty gates, we offer solutions for every paddock and more. Convenient pick-up or delivery across South Australia. You can trust Normetals for all your fencing and gate requirements. 




Rural Fencing


Sheep Panels

Sheep Gates

Sheep 3 Way Gates

Cattle Gates

Cattle Panels

Cattle Crush

Alpaca/Llama Panels & Gates

Our Product Range

Galvanised Mesh Rolls

150 x 100 x 5mm, 30m x 1100 high Ideal for protection from rodents or farm animals and to form animal enclosures.


Our range includes droppers at a length of 4.6' to 6'. If you need droppers to aid in a fencing development, or even to secure unsafe areas, we have a range of different sizes available as well. Purchasing droppers from us can work in cohesion with your future fencing development.

By getting droppers, your new fencing materials, and rapid-set concrete all in one spot, your new fencing installation can be a stress-free experience through the one-stop-shop of Normetals. On large properties, droppers are commonly used for wire fencing, and has a strength that can support the fence for years to come.

Rural Fencing and Gates

Our steel supplying capabilities extending to also offer fencing solutions for rural properties as well as residential. When it comes to livestock, the security and safety of the animals is a primary concern. By implementing a new and strong fencing and gate system you ensure this safety. Our range includes single strand fencing, barbed wire, farm fencing and galvanised fence panels.

There are different gate requirements for rural properties based on the location and purpose of the land. If you need to get heavy machines through these areas, a larger gate could be appropriate. The available gate sizes range in width from 8 - 16 ft to suit the majority of purposes.

Sheep Yard Gates & Panels

Panels 2.07m & 2.8m long. Oval rails:30x60mm. With welded caps, lugs and flat feet. Pins also supplied.

Sheep 3 Way Gates with V Race

V race / 3 way drafting gates Includes 2 sheeted panels,1.1m high, 2m long, the sheeted panel can be adjustable.

2 small panel gates, 1.1m high, 0.85m wide. And 2 maingates with handrail,1.1m high, 1m wide. Total 3m long,0.85m wide. With lugs and pins. Also sell 3 Way Draft as separate item without V Race. And Blind Pane as a separate item

A sheep loading ramp

The adjustable ramp comes flat packed for easier freighting Pre hot dipped galvanized pipes. Total 3242mm high, 2850mm long, 550mm wide.

Tubes: 60x60mm, 40x40mm. With Side galvanized sheet and Galvanized foot-board.

Cattle Gates

Cattle gate in frame. Matched to cattle panels. Pre hot dipped galvanized. 2.25m high x 2.1m wide. Frame tube:50x50mm. Rails:40x80mm, 6 rails. Thickness: 1.6mm. With all accessories.

Cattle Panels

Pre hot dipped galvanized pipes. 1.8m high x 2.1m wide. Square tubes: 50x50mmRHS. Oval rails: 40x80mm. With welded caps, lugs and flat feet. Pins also supplied.

Cattle Crush

Vet Crush Sheeted, Rear Handle Operation, internal width 750mm, overall length 3m, 4 doors on the operating side and no doors on the other side.

The Vet Crush is ratchet operation and is supplied as a flat pack (Headbale, 2 sides, slide gate, bolt on ratchet and bolt on operating handle). 2.2m high. 3m long. Outside 850mm wide.

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