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Normetals provides an easy, convenient and competitively-priced scrap metal solution for Adelaide. Our Ottoway depot can accommodate both small and large volumes of scrap metal.

Need to get rid of your scrap metal? Normetals has 1000+ bins located throughout the greater metropolitan Adelaide region for a simple scrap metal disposal solution. We also provide a bin exchange program for Adelaide businesses on a regular or on-demand basis.

For Adelaide scrap metal or scrap metal recycling services, you can’t go past Normetals.

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Our Product Range

Scrap Bins

Normetals has over 1000 bins of different types and sizes throughout greater metropolitan Adelaide and surrounds. We run a bin exchange program which is dependent upon the client's requirements.

This may differ based on the time period or amount of scrap that needs to be disposed of - we have sizes and services available based on all disposal needs. We have Roll On-Roll Off containers and Fork on-Fork Off bins of a size to fit your needs. We will arrange a regular pickup/exchange program, or, deliver bins periodically, as they are required.

Car Bodies

Do you have an old, damaged, or unwanted car? Get INSTANT CASH for your vehicle. Scrap car bodies are welcome. However, gas tanks and gas bottles will not be accepted.

Our recycling depot in Ottoway is equipped to receive deliveries from commercial, industrial and general public while providing safe and efficient unloading facilities. So if you want to get rid of an old car that can’t be sold for cash, we have you covered.

Huge 5 Acre Site

Our large site, with concrete surfaces, provides easy access to accommodate small and large volumes of scrap. The depot is a well-equipped safe space with adequate unloading facilities for all requirements.

Conveniently located on Grand Junction Road, with helpful staff, we can help you dispose of steel supplies and scrap for cash quickly and easily.

Cash for Scrap

It is our priority to give you the best value possible for your scrap disposal. We offer cash for scrap Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings for a range of different types of steel supplies and car components including bodies and radiators.

Copper and Brass

We also take copper and brass scrap for cash. Copper is commonly used for piping, tanks and electrical wiring. Similarly, brass is used for many decorative home items including taps and light fixtures and is also used for valves and pipe fittings in plumbing.

Copper and brass are commonly worth more per kilogram, however metal prices are constantly fluctuating.


Car and home radiators are also an ample source of scrap metal. Used for heating your home and keeping your car engine running smoothly, these components can be recycled. We will offer you an inclusive price for a radiator based on weight.

So if you are also getting rid of an old car, or removing a old heating system from your home, this can be a good way to make money for your troubles.


Normetals will also take Aluminium and offer cash in exchange. Aluminium is used for various applications around a home. These include framing for windows, doors, roofing or even cladding.

Often, it is disposed of or left after construction. So if you have recently removed a window comprised of this metal, and now have some scrap aluminium to get rid of we can help you out.


One of the most common areas of lead is in batteries, we will take any size lead battery. We can take lead off your hands and compensate you based on the current lead rates per kilogram.

Some plumbing materials and water service lines are comprised of lead, and sometimes railings found in your home as well. If you have some spare lead laying around, or have recently removed a piece of lead from your home drop by!

Industrial Scrap

When large infrastructure projects are undertaken, there is often ample scrap metal left once the job has been completed. Normetals can help with the disposal of abundant excess steel.

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