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Need lightweight steel supplies for your next project?

Light Weight Steel Suppiles

Lightweight steel supplies can be found in the vast majority of construction projects. This sheeting, mesh and other variants come in many different forms, all of which can be found at Normetals! If lightweight steel is fundamental to your next project, our team at Normetals will be able to help you select the size and quantity that best suits your requirements.

For larger, commercial projects, we have the capability to provide you with lightweight supplies on a large scale. No matter what your requirements may be for lightweight steel, Normetals are the answer. We supply lightweight materials in a number of formats, some of which are listed below.



Our sheds are comprised of Colorbond sheets. Known for its durability, and lightweight nature, we offer this product in a series of different colours. A combination of durability and aesthetics are essential in a residential shed. Therefore we have allowed our stocklist of Adelaide steel supplies to involve, what we believe, to be the very best in long-term solutions.

Lightweight Colorbond sheets are easy to maneuver and provide uniformity that cannot be disputed. The materials have been used for roofing and provide the perfect makeup for sheds. Our experts can provide information on this lightweight Adelaide steel supply.



Mesh is an essential component of many different construction projects, whether it is used for laying concrete or building other pillars for large infrastructure. Mesh is available in different dimensions, mostly concerning thicknesses. Whether you are a novice when it comes to mesh or you are a seasoned user of this type of steel supply, our experienced team can help you select the size and format of lightweight mesh that relates to your project. We offer products as thin as a wire, and larger, thicker variations that are used for structural purposes.



A core component of residential and commercial properties, as well as large-scale rural land, is high-quality fencing. Fencing comes in a vast range of different forms, and some are more suited for security purposes, others for visual. If security is your motivation, durable and lightweight steel supplies are essential for peace of mind and financial security. We can supply fencing on an industrial scale if need be, or can provide you with an amount for a small replacement or a residential alteration.

Determining what components of lightweight steel is required for a particular project can be difficult, so let us help! Our team are the steel supply experts and can answer any questions you may have, whether it concerns sheds, fencing or structural steel supplies. For all your steel supply needs in Adelaide, and friendly service, visit Normetals today.

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