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One place for all your scrap and steel needs in Adelaide

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to recycle your steel. At Normetals we offer cash for scrap metal, providing an incentive for South Australians to do the right thing and take their waste metal to a registered depot. However, that is only one part of our business, and for years now, we have been one of Adelaide’s premier steel supply and service providers.

If you need steel products or have steel waste to get rid of in Adelaide, Normetals on Grand Junction Road can help you out in more ways than one.


Cash for scrap

First and foremost, we offer cash for scrap. Whether you have found some old brass fittings laying around the house, or you have completed a larger building project where you have different kinds of steel in abundance, we can help you out. Prices fluctuate depending on a number of factors, but traditionally brass and copper are worth more than aluminium and iron.

Whatever Adelaide steel you may find, there is a rebate for taking it to a place like Normetals. We then take the steel and sell it or deliver it to a manufacturer. So you can be assured that your waste steel is being used for good!


Near-endless supplies

At our depot, we have a vast range of different steel products that can be used for a number of different construction projects. Whether you need chains, beams, plates or piping, we have all of these and more in different sizes and colours. We provide welding rod and even anchors if that is what you need. There is no limit to these steel supplies, so if you have no scrap to turn in, there still may be something you need at Normetals.

For larger projects, we can take some of the weight by delivering the steel supplies you need to site. Be it a custom order for framing, or some much needed extra material, we are just a phone call away.


Batteries and more

It doesn’t end there. We have a range of products for sheds, retaining walls, gates, fences and even batteries. Whether you have a flat battery or need fencing for your farm, Normetals have the capability to help you out. Our large depot is home to a wide variety of steel products, so if you are unsure what exactly you need to erect a fence or build a shed, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this process.

For all of your scrap and steel services in Adelaide, look no further. Normetals have spent years building a business that is based on the common needs of South Australians. If you need a particular product or some help, call Normetals today for expert advice.

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