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Where Can I Buy A Farm Gate in Adelaide?

Ensuring that your livestock and land are safe should always be your number one priority. A necessary precaution to take is making sure you have a sturdy farm gate to ward off any unwanted attention.

Normetals Adelaide stock several different steel supplies including farm gates, we can design one suited to your specific requirements to enhance your farm’s appeal and provide extra privacy.


Our Adelaide Range

The farm gates that we stock are from the highest quality steel. Depending on your property size and structure, you may require a farm gate with specific measurements. It is why our range varies from 8ft to 16ft.

The high quality of material we produce our farm gates from are built to withstand exposure to the elements of Adelaide such as heavy rain and wind without rusting or falling apart.

We are here to cater to all of your steel needs by providing a farm gate that is durable and structurally sound.



Owning livestock isn’t easy and keeping them out of harm’s way can be a challenge. Installing a sturdy farm gate is a step in the right direction for protecting your assets from any predators.

By adding this extra element of security to your Adelaide property, you’ll also be increasing the safety of your belongings and any machinery, preventing any damage from occurring.

Farm gates are also a means of keeping animals In as well. The last thing you need is any of your livestock getting out, by having a sturdy farm gate installed you will be minimising this risk.


Curbside Appeal

If you are looking to increase the visual appeal of your rural property, have you considered investing in a farm gate?

A Farm gate sets the tone of your property. If it’s worn down and not maintained, it looks unprofessional and could prove to be the difference when attracting customers.

Normetals is here to provide you with the perfect design solution for your farm gate to help you achieve your goals and get you where you want to be.



A farm gate is a great way to create some privacy for you and your Adelaide property as they deter any unwanted strangers from making their way into your land.

By installing a farm gate, you can have total control over who can and can’t enter your property to make sure you and your family are comfortable at home.


Get in Touch

Normetals Adelaide offers a professional and timely service providing the best steel solutions to make sure that your family and livestock are safe and out of harm’s way.

We are committed to working with you in designing a gate that is suited to your specific needs. If you are seeking extra protection for your property contact us today and we’ll help you out! We provide consultation and free quotations to all of our customers.

Email Your Enquiry 

Get in touch with Normetals to organise your pickup or delivery.

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