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Your Guide to Aluminium Recycling

Normetals are known as leading scrap-metal dealers in Adelaide, and we like our customers to be well informed on the subject. We’ve previously done specific recycling guides for regular steel, stainless steel and brass. This time, it’s the turn of aluminium. So, let’s begin by asking…

What is Aluminium?

Aluminium is a silvery-grey metal that, although light in weight, is still strong. Aluminium is easy to work with; capable of being into different shapes without breaking. Its other properties include high conductivity and high resistance to corrosion. Additionally, aluminium is non-toxic, non-magnetic and, in the case of certain aluminium alloys, non-sparking – all of which are obviously big positives when it comes to manufacturing and also for increasing the areas where aluminium products can be safely used. Last but not least, aluminium is highly reflective, making it excellent for applications involving light.

How Recyclable is Aluminium?

It could be said that the primary reason we are discussing aluminium recycling here is that the metal is 100% recyclable – and this can be carried out over and over again. Thanks to the ease of recycling aluminium, it has been noted by governing bodies such as European Aluminium that 75% of all of the aluminium ever refined is still in use today! Another widely quoted fact is that recycling aluminium rather than sourcing more through bauxite mining requires a staggering 95% less energy, which logically results in far less impact on our natural environment.

What Can Recycled Aluminium be Used For?

When you recycle aluminium in Adelaide or anywhere else, the recycled aluminium may be reused for everything from vehicles (bikes, cars, boats, planes) to computers to cooking utensils to housing materials to electrical fittings.

Why Should You Recycle Aluminium?

For most folks, receiving cash for aluminium they no longer want/need would be at the top of this list. We’ve already touched on the significant savings in terms of energy and inevitable environmental damage. The first of those obviously translates into monetary savings as well. Regularly clearing out scrap metal from one’s home or responsible workplace should be standard practice. Helping our manufacturing industry operate in an eco-friendly manner is good practice, too – especially when you yourself get cash for aluminium put back into the system.

Where Can You Recycle Aluminium in Adelaide?

At Normetals, of course! We have the facility, equipment, staff and knowhow to make the aluminium recycling process as easy as possible. For any further questions on the topic, call us toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the form located here. Following that link will also give you our opening hours, street address in Ottaway (Adelaide) and a handy map.

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