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Are you looking for the perfect storage area and workshop for your home?

The Perfect Storage Area

A shed is one of the most underrated aspects of a residential Adelaide property. Not only is it great for value, but it can solve problems related to space and function. If you have a business where you like to work from your own home, like a personal trainer, or a builder, mechanic or some form of artist, having your space at home to work from is incredibly sought after.

At Normetals, our sheds are perfect for those of you who wish to have a combination of a workshop and additional storage right at home. With a range of different colours, products and layouts available, Normetals can help you make a worthwhile addition to your property.


Dual Function

It is very common in Australian properties for a shed to serve more than one function. Yes, it is always for some form of storage, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a workshop. Our spaces have functionality in mind, so if you need to add windows, work benches or any equipment, you will be able to do so within one of our sturdy spaces.

Whether it is work-related or not, you can enjoy the benefit of a high quality shed as though it were another room in your home – due to the protective strength it will exhibit!



The potential of your new shed depends on how big you want to make it. There are apparent restrictions, but with council approval, you can make something quite big! Alternatively, you can limit the size to something more compact as to not interrupt yard space. You have ultimate freedom over how big or small your new shed is, and if you wish it to hold a significant amount of storage, you can always go for the most significant size available!


Other Functions

A shed can be just about anything with the right space and creative thought. At Normetals we have seen some incredibly unique alterations of sheds. With dance studios, gyms and man caves all within the realm of possibility, a new shed is an exciting prospect. There is no limit to this space, which means that your initial plan for your shed doesn’t have to be permanent. With high quality, durable materials making up the composition, your shed will be built to last — precisely what you would want!

There is nothing else that screams versatility like a Normetals shed. Giving you the opportunity to store your belongings, and also create a functional workspace is a fantastic and cost-effective way to complement your Adelaide property. Call today to ask about our shed options ( 1800 88 22 66 ).

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