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Steel Supplies Adelaide

We sell a full range of steel products - pick up or delivery


Blackform & Galv Sheet

Heavy & Light Structural

Welding Rod &
Mig Wire

Solid Rounds & Squares

Chains &

Wire & Mesh

Reinforcing Products

Fencing Supplies

Rhs, Pipe And Flats

Rural Products



Galvanised & Black Pipe

Whether you are building fences, making farm gates, or constructing shade sails, we are sure to have the galvanised and black piping equipment to suit your needs. Our stock ranges from 15 NB to 150 NB, with larger sizes available on application.

RHS Painted and Galvanised

Our undercover warehouse in Adelaide stocks a wide range of RHS (rectangular hollow section) painted and galvanised  from smaller to larger sizes. We carry both Australian made and imported steel products to meet your requirements.

Merchant Bar

From the handyman to the structural engineer, we have a full range of flat, round and angle mild steel supplies to suit exactly what you are looking for. All products are grade 250 plus.

Structural Steel

From retaining walls to house extensions and warehouses, we keep and can source a large selection of universal beams and parallel flange channels to suit your specific needs.



Guillotine & Cutting Service

With our quality resources available, we can cut your steel on site with either our guillotine, large band or small cut off saw to meet your exact measurements and requirements.

Chains & Anchors

With a number of different sized chains and anchors available each with high holding power, we provide products which are an exceptional option for marine and agricultural use.


For more information on our range of steel supplies, contact our friendly team in Adelaide on 8240 0066 and see how we can assist you today.
Normetals For All Your Steel Suppliers Needs

For all your steel supplies in Adelaide, Normetals has got you covered. We sell a full range of steel products and offer a pick up or delivery service for your convenience. Our diverse range of products are sourced at highly competitive prices both locally and internationally.


Our steel supplies range from galvanised and black pipe to structural steel, chains and anchors. Our products are suited for the structural application for residential, commercial and industrial uses. The following gives you a more comprehensive insight into the steel supplies and services we have available for our client base in Adelaide.