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What Happens To My Scrap Metal?

The Process Of Recycling Scrap Metal

Do you have any scrap metal left over from a job? Come and see us, we’ll take it off your hands. There are both financial and environmental benefits when it comes to recycling used metal. When you recycle your scrap with us you’ll receive a rebate for your efforts and You’ll also be helping out the environment as well.

At Normetals we are the experts on steel in Adelaide and know just how important it is to recycle scrap metal rather than produce it from scratch. Reforming scrap metal does a world of good for the environment because It reduces the amount of waste that is produced as well as saving valuable resources by not having to manufacture new metal.

Additional services

Are you relocating to a different site? Or just need a tidy up? We offer a special service where we will clean out large factories for scrap metal as well as old machinery. We know it can be a strenuous task clearing out your scrap metal or moving to a different location in Adelaide which Is why we offer this unique service to make life easier for you.

We are the experts of steel in Adelaide and take care of the scrap metal you bring to us. It’s beneficial for yourself and for us, we’re here to provide peace of mind by helping you with all of your disposal needs.


Types of metal we accept:

Copper & Brass

Copper and bass are one of the front-runners when it comes to providing a cash rebate per kilogram. This can either be in the form of wiring, pipes or even cooking utensils and many more. Brass is commonly used for decorative and mechanical applications as well as other forms.

We ensure that when you leave your scrap metal at Normetals Adelaide it is sent to the appropriate areas for repurposing. We accept all different weights and sizes and will compensate you accordingly.


Car Bodies & Batteries

Cars have a lifespan which we all know end at some point in time. Once that time comes why not get some money back on some scrap metal? We accept both the car body and the battery as scrap here in Adelaide.

To make life easier for you we will strip apart the car body and take the battery out, all you have to do is bring the car to us and we will take care of the rest! Once we have stripped the car for necessary bits of scrap we then send it to the appropriate facilities for repurposing.

Lead & Aluminium

Lead and Aluminium also comprise of scrap metal which we will offer you a rebate for, due to its high-density lead is often found in high quantities around construction sites at both commercial and residential areas. Aluminium can also easily be found as it is commonly used for household products such as utensils, foil, window frames and more.

Normetals takes away the stress of disposing of your scrap metal and will strive to get the job done. If you ever have any enquiries regarding scrap metal disposal in Adelaide please contact us.

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