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Farm Fencing: A Reminder of Rural Steel Supplies

Here at Normetals, we stock a wide variety of farm steel supplies of the highest quality, to assist property owners in clearly dividing areas of their land while protecting their livestock and still allowing people/vehicles ease of access. This article is a rundown of the range that has earnt us a reputation around Adelaide and the rest of South Australian as the best source of rural steel supplies.

Farm Fencing – Basics

Whether you’re replacing a broken-down farm fence or building a brand-new one, there’s no denying the appeal of a recently erected system of matching steel fencing and gates. On a more practical note, this modern steel fencing is designed to stand up to the Aussie climate and contact with animals for many years.

When it comes to the basics, then, we stock single-strand fencing, barbed wire, farm fencing and galvanised fence panels. Our gate sizes range in width from 8′-16′ to suit the majority of applications. Additionally, we have galvanised mesh rolls (150 x 100 x 5mm, 30m x 1100 high), galvanised weld mesh sheets (6000 x 1100, 6000 x 900, 157 x 100), and droppers ranging from 4.6′ to 6′.

Farm Fencing – Different Livestock Panels & Gates

Our rural steel supplies of course included cattle panels. Constructed of pre-hot-dipped galvanised pipes, they measure 1.8m high x 2.1m wide, with oval rails 40mm x 80mm in size. They have welded caps, lugs and flat feet, and come supplied with pins.

We have sturdy steel sheep panels, too – 2.07m high x 2.8m wide, with oval rails 30mm x 60mm in size. As well as panels intended for containing alpacas and llamas – 1.8m high x 2.1m wide, with oval rails 30mm x 60mm in size.

We supply livestock gates that correspond in size to all of the panels listed above.

Cattle Crushes, Loading Ramps, etc.

Firstly, in this section, we offer vet-rated cattle crushes. They are 2.2m high x 3m long, internal width 750mm, ratchet operated, with four doors on the operating side and none on the other side.

Then we have further essential farm steel supplies in the form of adjustable sheep loading ramps. They are 3.234m high x 2.85m long x 0.55m wide, with tubes 60mm x 60mm and 40mm x 40mm.

And, finally, sheep three-way gates. They include two sheeted panels 1.1m high x 2m long, and the sheeted panel can be adjustable. There are two small panel gates 1.1m high x 0.85m wide. Plus, two main gates with handrail 1.1m high x 1m wide.

For the Homestead…

While, strictly speaking, this type of fencing falls under our residential steel supplies category, it can also be used in a farm setting, especially around a homestead. We’re talking about retaining walls and residential-style fence panels and gates.

Need Farm Fencing or Other Steel Supplies?

Then you need to speak with the experts at Normetals. Our years of experience mean that we can also advise you on the right materials and quantities for your property. You can email us at , call toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the form here. Following that link will also give you our opening hours, street address in Ottaway (Adelaide) and a handy map.

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