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How We Make Metal Recycling Easy for You

If you like the idea of recycling all of your unwanted metals but are put off because you think it will be difficult, think again! When your scrap metal dealer is Normetals, we remove any potential hassles from the process, so that there’s absolutely no reason not to partake in the very useful, environmentally responsible and potentially quite lucrative practice of metal recycling. Yes, when you’re recycling in Adelaide (or surrounding areas), Normetals is the place to go. Here’s why.

We Have the Expertise

We’ve been operating successfully since 1984 and, during that time, have earnt an excellent reputation as both a supplier of top-quality new steel products (for residential, commercial and rural applications) and also as a scrap metal dealer. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to always give sound advice and to avoid problems you might encounter elsewhere.

We Accept a Range of Metals for Recycling

Recycling in Adelaide? We will accept the various types of steel. We will also accept aluminium, brass, copper and lead. Specific items you might be curious about are vehicle batteries (yes, we recycle any size of those), vehicle radiators (again, the answer is yes) and car bodies (also yes, although we cannot take gas tanks/gas bottles). Whether you’ve got unwanted metal items laying around at home or you’re looking to get rid of some metal farm scrap or industrial scrap, we can assist.

We Pride Ourselves on Fair Prices

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. When it comes to metal recycling or any other product/service we provide, we are constantly aiming to give our customers a good deal so that they will happily return to us in the future.

We Offer a Scrap-bin Service

Those recycling in Adelaide (and beyond) who’d prefer to fill a bin will be pleased to learn we have more than 1000 of them in a number of different sizes. We can also do a bin-exchange program for when you realise ongoing bins are going to be needed.

We Have a Huge Site

When we say “huge”, we’re talking five acres. So, if you’ve got a heap of scrap to unload, don’t worry – this scrap metal dealer will definitely be able to handle and store it.

Our Facility is Also Equipped with Forklifts and Crane

Having multiple forklifts and a 10-tonne crane means that if your metal recycling requires serious unloading, we can take care of said activity safely and efficiently. Incidentally, we are additionally able to conduct weight checks, etc. for customers thanks to our licensed public weigh bridge.

Ready to Recycle Those Unwanted Metal Items?

As we’re hoping this blog entry has shown, the easiest way to do so is clearly through Normetals. For further info/organising assistance with getting rid of your scrap, you can email us at , call toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the form here. Following that link will also give you our opening hours, street address and a handy map.

Email Your Enquiry 

Get in touch with Normetals to organise your pickup or delivery.

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