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Kilometers of fencing, all at one location!

All your Fencing in one location!

Whether you are trying to keep things in or keep things out, a functional fence and gate combination is vital to the security of your home, business or farm. At Normetals, we know just how underrated this component of your home can be. A significant portion of our range of Adelaide steel supplies is fencing and gates options for various projects.


Regardless of whether you need a new gate, section replacement or a whole new fencing system, we have the range of products you are searching for. With a number of different styles, functions and sizes you can rest assured knowing that we will have something that is suited to your requirements.



Have you ever been to a farm? Other than space, the most abundant thing you will see is fencing. Stretching for miles, fencing on a rural property is absolutely paramount. For structure, for protecting your livestock from predators and for containing your animals to one area, the importance of quality fencing cannot be understated. At Normetals, we have a range of fencing options that are suited for this application, all of which are durable and will stand the test of time.

Similarly, the large gate options we offer for rural properties are designed for large vehicle access and are sturdy enough to contain large animals.



At Normetals, we take our knowledge of Adelaide’s common steel supply requirements and use it to create a product list that services the needs of Adelaide’s business owners. High-quality commercial fencing and gates is a vital component to the security of a business. To protect from intruders, and for an element of privacy, this component is pivotal.

Purchasing these products from Normetals will ensure that you are receiving a functional and durable material. Whether you have assets to protect, or you want a fence purely for aesthetic function, a commercial fencing solution from Normetals is what you are after!



Finally, we have a range of gates and fencing materials that will suit homes of all designs. Our Adelaide steel supplies incorporate fencing in a range of colours and heights. So if you’re looking for privacy, or just replacing a tired looking fence, we will have a product for you. The importance of pool and front yard fencing in Australia is crucial, especially with children. That is why you should visit Normetals to have a look at what materials you may need; our experts can help you make a selection that suits your lifestyle and purpose.

For all of your Adelaide steel supply requirements, Normetals is your one-stop shop. Normetals have fencing options for your rural property, business and home, and have sizes, designs and colours to cater to every design. If your fixing or adding a fence, ask your installer about Normetals!

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