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Our Scrap Metal Services

With the many environmental challenges facing our society today, it’s never been more important to deal responsibly with scrap metal. Similarly, in the current economic climate, we could all use the extra income that metal recycling can bring.

If you’re in Adelaide or the surrounding area, the place to go for scrap metal services is Normetals, located on Grand Junction Rd in Ottoway. When it comes to scrap, our combination of facilities, experience and what we offer can’t be beaten…

Our Facilities

Firstly, our huge site means that we can accommodate large volumes of scrap metal with no difficulty. Having so much room also makes it safe and easy for our customers to drop off their unwanted steel supplies and other recyclable metals.

As well as having loads of space, we are equipped with a drive-through weigh bridge available for the use of our customers. (You can see a photo in this gallery, along with some of our professional scrap handling in action.)

Thirdly, we have more than 1000 scrap bins of different sizes and types in and around Adelaide. These scrap bins are geared to each client’s specific requirements and can be exchanged on a regular basis or collected as needed.

Scrap We Handle

At Normetals, we handle a wide range of scrap metals, including industrial-project scrap, factory-cleanout scrap, farm scrap and more. We welcome car bodies (minus gas tanks and gas bottles), along with car radiators and car batteries.

If you want to look at it in terms of popular materials for metal recycling, we take aluminium, brass, copper, lead and steel. Aluminium is often “left behind” in the form of old door and window frames, so rather than waste these resources, you can bring them to us. Brass is found in a lot of lighting/plumbing fixtures, while copper may often be found in old tanks, wiring and so on. We’ve already mentioned vehicle batteries, which are a good source of lead. Unwanted steel can take many forms that are useful for metal recycling.

We Give Cash for Scrap!

Metal prices are constantly fluctuating, but we will always endeavour to give you top value for your approved recyclables (on a per kilogram basis). This service is available Monday to Friday, plus Saturday mornings. So, if you have an old car that can’t be resold, or an old home heating system that was just replaced, or any of the many types of scrap metal that often accumulate in our garages, back sheds, factories and farm yards, why not convert them into cash and assist this country’s vital metal recycling industry while you’re at it?

Your Metal Recycling Specialists

The friendly team at Normetals are always happy to help you do the right thing for the planet as far scrap metals, avoid unnecessary waste and make a few bucks while you’re at it – with a minimum of effort on your part. For more information about scrap bins or any of our other scrap metal services, please email , call toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the online form here.

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