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What you need to know about scrap metal

In 2017, we know that more and more people are choosing to recycle certain materials for a number of reasons. Whether it is cans and bottles as part of the container deposit scheme, or cardboard to reduce waste at the landfill, there are various materials that are commonly being reused. Scrap metal is no exception.

The umbrella term ‘scrap metal’ can be confusing. Many people ask, what materials count as scrap metal? Or, can scrap metal be easily recycled? At Normetals the team are here to answer these questions and to tell you everything you might need to know about scrap metal right here in Adelaide.


Types of scrap metals

There are a number of different materials of many different compositions that can be considered scrap metal. This includes materials such as aluminium, lead, brass, copper and steel. These materials can be found in a variety of objects, and whether it is scrap from a building project or old piping that has been removed, Normetals have a use for it. Some objects such as car batteries are made up of a combination of lead and plastic. However, they can have a purpose with Normetals.

In the case of Normetals in Adelaide, scrap steel also incorporates large-scale objects such as car bodies, radiators and building steel. All of these objects have large metal components that can be recycled and reused to some degree. Rather than having to find alternative disposal for these objects, Normetals have you covered.



By locating a scrap metal dealer in Adelaide like Normetals, you can assure that the scrap metal you deposit will be repurposed. Rather than the complete manufacture of these materials, this creates significantly fewer carbon emissions and is, therefore, a lot better for the environment. The products that can be taken to steel merchants can be turned into anything from anchors, to beams and rods.

In South Australia, based on weight, there are prices that contribute to the amount of money you are entitled to for returning scrap metal to a registered merchant. At Normetals in Adelaide, you can get cash for your scrap lead, brass, copper, steel and aluminium. While some are worth more than others, there is some kind of financial compensation for the vast majority of scrap steel materials.

The taking of scrap metals is just one of the services Normetals offer at their enormous site. However, if you do have scrap metal to get rid of, and wish to be compensated for your troubles, the team at Normetals have the solution. To inquire about which materials they take, visit the website or give the team a call today. Alternatively, swing by the site on Grand Junction Road today to off load your scrap metal.

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