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Your guide to scrap steel recycling

While some people just throw away scrap steel it can actually be pretty lucrative to sell it for metal recycling as a way of making some extra cash.

Scrap steel recycling is a great way to help both the environment and your back pocket so here are a few ways you can get paid for it.

How does scrap steel recycling work?

By recycling your scrap steel with a company like Normetals, you will be offered a price per kilogram for the materials. As steel is in demand, there will always be a need for its reuse. Other metals like copper will attract a higher price than iron for example but by recycling scrap steel you save it from heading to landfill and reduce the need for mining raw materials.

Environmental impact

Being part of the scrap steel recycling process cuts down on the manufacturing time of metals from scratch. This helps to reduce carbon emissions released in the mining and production processes while also saving scrap steel from entering landfill. Steel can be recycled over and over again. So not only are you being paid to get rid of waste, you are also being a responsible citizen. By recycling scrap steel and other metals such as copper, aluminium or more hazardous materials like lead from batteries, it avoids them being dangerously disposed of in the environment. Reusing metal products will fully stop the mining of materials. The closed loop means the complete use of recycled materials, rather than continuous mining for new manufacturing.

What can your scraps be turned into?

Some of the products your steel scraps can be recycled into include fencing for rural properties, sheds which can be prefabricated, chains for towing, buildings, boating, anchors, piping, rods and beams. Steel can also be used for everything from welding to commercial frames.

Normetals scrap bins

Normetals offers a regular pick-up and drop-off service for scrap bins in Adelaide and surrounding areas, which allows you to remove scrap steel safely and be paid for it. The bins come in a range of sizes and are picked up onsite to be taken back to our facility for processing. We can organise a regular pick-up for your business or building site where your scrap bin is replaced with an empty one.

The recycling of scrap metal is one of the best commitments you can make to our environment. With countless positive environmental benefits, (one being the preservation of natural resources), the environmentally conscious team at Normetals in Adelaide can help you make your contribution matter.

Normetals takes nearly all types of scrap you can think of. From car bodies, batteries and radiators to brass, copper, lead and aluminium. So give Normetals a call today on 1800 88 22 66 to earn cash for your scrap steel recycling.

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