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Cattle Panels and Other Essential Steel Supplies for Farming

Normetals has been a leader in Adelaide steel supplies since 1984. We’re known across South Australia for our new steel, as well as giving great prices on scrap metal. But over the years, we have continued to expand our range of quality products – to the point where some people might not be aware that we also carry cattle and sheep panels and several other essential steel supplies for farming.

For that reason, it’s worth taking a closer look at Normetals’ current selection of rural products, all of which can be either picked up or delivered (across the wider metro Adelaide region). And please remember that if there’s a particular farming-related steel supply you don’t see in the list below, it’s worth checking with us anyway as we may be able to source it.

Cattle Panels Plus

Normetals stocks cattle panels, cattle gates and cattle crushes. Our cattle panels measure 1.8m high x 2.1m wide, with oval rails 40mm x 80mm in size. Out cattle gates are matched to the panels. Our cattle crushes are vet rated, 2.2m high x 3m long, ratchet operated, with four doors on the operating side and none on the other side.

Sheep Panels Plus

We carry sheep panels, sheep gates and V race three-way gates, and sheep loading ramps. Our sheep panels measure 2.07m high x 2.8m wide, with oval rails 30mm x 60mm in size. Our sheep gates are matched to the panels. Our V race three-way gates feature two small panel gates measuring 1.1m high x 0.85m wide, and two main gates with a handrail measuring 1.1m high x 1m wide. Our sheep ramps are adjustable and come flat-packed for easy transportation.

Even More Panels

We can also supply panels and gates suitable for alpacas and llamas. Our alpaca and llama panels measure 1.8m high x 2.1m wide, with oval rails 30mm x 60mm in size. Our alpaca and llama gates are matched to the panels.

Rural Fencing

Normetals stocks farm fencing, farm gates and droppers. Our farm fencing includes the farmer’s favourite, Max-Loc, which we have in standard 200m rolls in 6/7/30, 6/90/30 and 7/90/30 options. We also offer galvanised mesh rolls (150 x 100 x 5mm, 30m x 1100 high) that will protect your animals and guard against rodents. And we supply galvanised weldmesh sheets (6000 x 1100 & 6000 x 900, 157 x 100). Our droppers range in size from 4.6′ to 7′. It’s worth mentioning here that along with providing fencing solutions for rural properties, we also offer them for residential ones.

If you’re around Adelaide or elsewhere in South Australia, Normetals is your one-stop shop for cattle panels and other essential steel supplies for farming. We’re all about keeping your livestock safe and secure with fencing and gate systems that represent both the best quality and value for money. You can email us at or call our toll-free number – 1800 88 22 66 . And don’t forget to check out our full range of products and services.

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