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The Different Types of Farm Gates and Finding the Right Option

At Normetals, we’ve long been known as a leader in selling steel supplies and buying scrap metal both in Adelaide and across the rest of South Australia. Our top-quality, value-for-money range also features a number of rural products, including several different types of farm gates. Obviously, these are an essential supply for any working farm, but it’s important to find the right farm-gate option from among the many available.

The Purpose of Farm Gates

Farm gates (and fences) allow farmers to control the movement of their livestock while helping to keep other unwanted animals away. As well as protecting livestock in this manner and clearly dividing up the farm, these gates allow people and especially vehicles to access different areas of the property as necessary, either as part of daily operations or to undertake new construction, carry out repairs, transport equipment, etc.

While farm gates were traditionally made of wood, metal gates are the preferred modern solution as they are stronger and more durable, standing up better to the livestock, weather and repeated use. They look better and require less maintenance.

Choosing the Right Farm Gate

Based on the previous section, it stands to reason that the two most important things to take into account when choosing a farm gate are what the fenced-in section is being used for (e.g. what variety of livestock it will contain) and the sorts of vehicles which may need to pass through the gate in the course of running and maintaining the farm. These two factors will determine the width/type of farm gate you require for each location.

Widths of Farm Gate Available from Normetals

At Normetals, we stock farm gates ranging in width from 8 feet to 16 feet to suit the majority of spaces and intended purposes, and to accommodate large machinery passing through where necessary.

Specific Types of Farm Gate Available from Normetals

Whether your livestock is sheep, cattle or llamas/alpacas, at Norm Metals we stock farm gates specifically designed for housing each animal. These gates are matched in size to the appropriate panels – the cattle gates matching the cattle fencing panels, and so on. We also sell Sheep 3-Way Gates with V Race. Our farm gates are made of pre-hot-dipped galvanised metal pipes, with welded caps, lugs and flat feet, and with pins also supplied.

Ready to Order Some New Farm Gates?

If you’re around Adelaide or elsewhere in South Australia, Normetals is your one-stop-shop for farm gates. We’re all about keeping your livestock safe and secure with steel supplies that represent the best quality and value for money. You can call our toll-free number – 1800 88 22 66 .

Check out our range of products and services at, but if there’s a particular gate or something else you don’t see listed, it’s worth checking with us as we may still be able to source it. Supplies can be picked up or delivered (across the wider metro Adelaide region).

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