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Earn Money From Scrap Metal at Normetals

Have some scrap metal lying around and nowhere to put it? Turn your waste into extra money and supplement your income.


Where to Sell Your Scrap Metal in Adelaide?

At Normetals we help you earn some extra cash without going through any great effort. It’s pretty straightforward: we take the metal, and you take the money. Allowing us to help get waste out of your hands, you can earn useful compensation.

Turn that old car you are unable to sell into extra money by selling the metal car body. Turn in copper piping and wiring or brass items and walk away with some additional earnings. You can even make some profit from left-over scrap metal from a large building or infrastructure project, or industrial endeavours. No matter what you do, or what metal you are disposing of, Normetals has a place for you.

Not only are you getting paid to get rid of waste, but you are being a responsible citizen at the same time. At Normetals we help reuse and repurpose metal into new items. It avoids hazardous metals such as batteries from being dangerously disposed of and reduces the size of landfills. Selling your scrap metal is the right choice – it helps our environment, and it helps your wallet.


What Scrap Metal Do We Receive at Normetals Adelaide?

At our premium facilities, we can accept all types of scrap metals you might have hanging around in Adelaide. We receive car bodies, radiators, batteries, steel, lead, copper, brass, industrial scrap, aluminium, farm scrap metal, etc. There’s little we can’t accommodate within our spacious 5-acre concrete surfaced site.

No matter the type or volume or metal, our friendly team is ready to assist you. Our recycling depot, with its convenient unloading facilities, is large enough and equipped to receive scrap from the general public and commercial and industrial sources.


How to Get Instant Cash for Your Metal Waste

Disposing of your metal scrap and steel supplies is quick and easy. Normetals facilities are strategically located at Grand Junction Road in Ottoway, for your best accessibility. At your arrival, our friendly and dedicated staff will assist you in your scrap metal disposal so you can have it done and get paid as quickly as possible.

In the Adelaide area, our doors are open to receive your scrap metal. We are committed to paying you the best value for your metal products and waste – and we strive to make the scrap metal disposal process as convenient and easy as possible. That’s why we are ready for service Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings. There’s no obstacle for getting cash for your metal and steel supplies.

Another option is the use of our Normetals scrap bins. Currently, we have over 1000 variably sized bins around Adelaide’s metropolitan area. Our bins can adapt to your needs, in size and type, depending on the amount of scrap metal you are disposing of and the amount of time you’ll need to do so. For your greatest comfort, we arrange regular pickup services and can deliver our scrap metal bins periodically if required.

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