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Easily Clean Up Your Yard and Help Save the Environment

Recycling Scrap Metal

Clean-up is perhaps the most tedious aspect of any residential and commercial renovation or construction project. However, it is incredibly necessary. When it comes to scrap metal, correct disposal is essential for the safety of everyone involved. We also stop contributing to the current pollution of our environment.

At Normetals, we accept scrap metal for cash, which allows our customers to do the right thing for an entitled reward. So if you are searching for a way to quickly clean up your yard, and help save the environment, while getting paid to do so, look no further!



A thorough and precise clean-up is particularly crucial in the wake of some form of renovation. Big or small, one of the realities of this process is that there may be pieces of scrap metal left laying around. Leftover metal can be hazardous for you and the people who may find themselves in the area. There are countless stories of ineffective site clean up leading to accidents in children who may be playing in the area, not knowing of the material. Completing a cleanup process may be time-consuming, but no time is better spent than ensuring the safety of our surroundings.


Correct Disposal

Just getting rid of scrap metal in Adelaide isn’t enough! We need to recycle, and at Normetals, we take scrap metal from people across the state and ensure that it is sent off in the right direction for repurposing. Rather than just tossing scrap metal in the bin or skip, you can bring it to Normetals where we take special care to ensure that it is going to an appropriate facility for the next stage of the journey. It cuts down on the manufacturing process for specific objects and materials, which will also decrease carbon emissions!


Minimal Fuss

The great thing about our company and which we are very proud of is our ability to help you not only dispose of waste that may be around your site but do so in a way that will help the environment. We take different kinds of scrap metal for particular rates and send them off to facilities that will reuse them. Our depot is easily accessible as well as being well equipt to handle different amounts of scrap steel. Once you have cleaned up your property, you will have no problem disposing of any scrap metal with Normetals.


If you have some old steel materials and offcuts lying around your property, clean it up, and bring it to Normetals! We can offer competitive rates for different materials, and deliver scrap metal to its most environmentally beneficial end destination. Visit Normetals today!

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