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Fencing, Gates, Retaining walls and Sheds, Normetals has your steel needs covered!

Normetals has your steel needs covered!

The term ‘steel supplies’ covers a broad range of components large and small used for projects around Australia. At Normetals, we have taken the common and consistent need for these products and used it to craft a stockist that continues to kick goals for our customers. If you want to do some weekend work, that might involve some landscaping, or you have a large commercial project that requires a steel frame, you needn’t look further than Normetals.

As Adelaide’s steel supply specialists, we can help you select material that suits your particular needs. The following are some of the common areas of steel supplies that we offer to our clients!


Fencing & Gates

Our warehouse is home to a vast range of fencing and gate options for all property times. There are specific considerations that have to be made for rural and commercial properties when it comes to fencing and gates. The large format gates we offer for commercial properties and rural areas provide adequate security for keeping things in, and unwanted guests out. The fencing options are available in large orders to cover significant space.


Retaining walls

Retaining walls are becoming a staple in the South Australian backyard or commercial property. Rather than solely offering Adelaide steel supplies, we also offer blocks to help with landscaping projects which involve levelling. For large projects at nursing homes or shopping centres, we have the capability and stock to supply you with all the materials that you need. For residential projects, we have a range of striking blocks that will match any design.



In Adelaide, steel supplies include sheds. Depending on your property type and location, you may be in need of a new shed for storage, function or even resale value. We stock a range of prefab sheds that come in different sizes and colours to fulfil and requirements. If it’s for a few bikes and the lawnmower, or a larger space that doubles as a workshop or gym, you will find what you need with our Adelaide steel supplies



It doesn’t stop there! At Normetals we also stock a long list of chains, anchors, batteries, and general pipes and beams that can be delivered to your next commercial project. Steel has become the essential material for construction in South Australia. If you require high-quality steel in specific dimensions, or you need something as straightforward as an anchor for your boat, you will find all of the Adelaide steel supplies you require at Normetals.


We are here to help, so if you have some niche requirements, all you need to do is ask the question. Our undisputed list of Adelaide steel supplies

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