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How You Can Earn Money From Scrap Metal!

Are you looking to make some extra cash? What if I told you that you could make some by selling what you’d otherwise throw away? If you have some scrap metal laying around, then you’re in luck. At Normetals you can trade-in your spare scrap metal products for money.


Not only will you be putting money in your wallet, but you’ll also be able to dispose of metal waste clutter the right way! No matter how you look at it, selling your scrap metal is a win-win.


Why Is Normetals The Best Scrap Metal Buyer

When it comes to selling and buying, we all want to score a good deal. However, not everyone out there is willing to pay a fair price. At Normetals, that is not the case. We are fully committed to giving our customers excellent value for all of their scrap metal products. This is all part of our goal of establishing long and beneficial relationships with our clients! Your best interest is our best interest.


Additionally, our scrap metal service facilities in Adelaide are unparalleled. We run a sizeable 5-acre site with the best equipment and accessibility. This allows us to take in large volumes of scrap metal and process it appropriately without any problem! Thanks to the well functioning of our site, exchanges can take place efficiently, quickly and safely.


As it that weren’t enough, Normetals is strategically located for our clients’ convenience. You’ll have no trouble reaching our Grand Junction Road Adelaide site with all your scrap metal products.


Is There Another Way To Turn In Scrap Metal, Besides Visiting The Adelaide Facility?

Sure, there is. For your comfort, we run an efficient scrap metal bin program in the Adelaide area. The best part is that it can be scheduled to fit your needs perfectly. We offer both roll-on roll-off and fork-on-fork bins in many different sizes. This way you can deliver all amounts of scrap metal. After your bins are full, just schedule a pick.up and you are set. Best of all? If you require regular Adelaide scrap metal bin exchanges, they can be scheduled periodically. It doesn’t get any easier!


What Types Of Scrap Metal Can I Sell At Normetals?

At Normetals Adelaide, we can give all kinds of scrap metal a home! We take in nearly all types of scrap you can think of!


We accept the following products:

  • Car Bodies
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Radiators
  • Aluminium
  • Steel Supplies
  • Lead (including batteries)
  • Industrial Scrap

Earn Money From Your Scrap Metal In Adelaide!

At Normetals, we’ll help your wallet and get scrap metal out of your hands all at the same time! Whether you decide to drop off your scrap at our prime facilities or use our bin exchange service, you’ll find our services convenient and practical!


Give Normetal’s a try and see for yourself!

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