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Need Steel Supplies? Normetals in Adelaide Has You Covered

When it comes to steel supplies in Adelaide, Normetals is the number one choice. Normetals has over 30 years experience delivering an abundance of steel supplies to Adelaide residents in need, and we endeavour to keep improving our services.

Our quality products and highly competitive prices elevate us above the other suppliers in Adelaide as we aim to offer the most well rounded and convenient services out there. The team at Normetals is committed to providing outstanding customer service and making sure our customers, both commercial and residential, are wholeheartedly satisfied.

Normetals works hard to listen to the residents of Adelaide and their feedback to tweak our services and offer the very best in steel supplies. Here are a few of the ways Normetals stands out from the crowd when it comes to selling steel supplies in Adelaide.



One of Normetals most defining attributes is the staggering number of different steel supplies that are available for purchase to the residents of Adelaide. We offer an unmatched range of all types of steel supplies including new and used steels for fencing, gates, sheds, retaining walls, specialised pipes and marine equipment.

The range of steel supplies we offer suits any project big or small. We cater to clients working on large construction sites all around Adelaide and also provide the highest quality of steel supplies for the humble homeowner.

Call the team at Normetals and discover just how vast our range of products are. We have the steel supplies you need, so waste no more time and get on the phone today!



With our over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have become respected leaders in our field, and our dedicated team embody this statement. Our workers have the skills and knowledge required to answer any steel supplies relevant questions you may pose.

Don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff how else we can help, as we’ll be more than happy to accommodate all your needs when it comes to steel supplies. Our perseverance to continue to provide extraordinary customer service is essential to us, and we want to receive and swiftly deal with all issues or problems you may have as they come up.



The final defining characteristic that sets Normetals apart is our range of services we offer to go above and beyond what is expected by our loyal customers. We operate numerous trucks, forklifts and a 10-tonne crane to make our delivery services the quickest they can be.

It’s not always conveniently possible to pick up your Adelaide steel supplies, so we make sure that if required that we can make the journey and deliver the steel supplies right to your door.

Get in touch by phone with the Normetals team in Adelaide on 08 8240 0066  and discover why our clients keep coming back to do business with us.

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