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The Amazing Money-Making Secret With Cashing In Your Scrap Metal With Normetals

Cashing In Your Scrap Metal With Normetals

It is easy to combine waste metal in with the rest of the waste you have left from a construction project, but it is essential to consider that you can make money off of scrap metal right here in Adelaide. Scrap metal can be found everywhere, as there are many different types available.

Rather than just throwing it out,pack up your scrap metal and head to Normetals, where our team will be more than happy to compensate you! That’s right! You can get paid to get rid of scrap. Whether it is old piping, fixings or even some old sheeting, we can provide you with a reimbursement based on the industry’s current demand and pricing!


Weighing It Up

It’s all about weight, and the more you have, the more cash you get. The truth is that some metal materials are quite dense, and weight far more than you’d expect. So, while all scrap metal has a price per kilogram, you may find yourself with more than you thought. It doesn’t take a whole lot of copper piping for you to be leaving Normetals with a handful of cash. Prices per kilogram are often fluctuating, so you can always call ahead to see what the current price is before you bring your scrap in!


Metals Found Everywhere

The most basic of household materials could be worth so much more than you ever considered. It is no surprise that almost every property has scrap metal materials that are worth a lot, just lying around. The main one is copper, which has been and will continue to be used in construction projects for gas piping and some forms of wiring. Scrap copper is worth a lot, and as a result is a frequent target for theft at construction sites. If you have pulled some copper or brass out of the wall, your best bet is to take it to Normetals as soon as possible.


Stacking Up

It doesn’t just have to be one material. If you are clearing out the shed or completing a renovation, grab all of the scraps you have and bring it to Normetals. We would love to go through your stack and ensure that you get every cent you are entitled to, for these products. At the end of a build, a combination of old and new materials that are no longer needed can pile up rather quickly; you need to bring them to Normetals.


We know that time is money, so why not get some money back for the time you are putting into your next project.No matter what scrap metal you have, load up your car and drop by Nonmetal’s convenient location for instant cash in hand! Call today to ask about rates!

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