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What Useless Items Found on My Property Could Be Hidden Treasures of Scrap Metal?

Hidden Treasures Of Scrap Metal

While your home is most likely made up of a mixed-bag of timber, brick, plaster and paint, there will also be valuable metal hidden from plain sight. If you are undergoing some form of extension or renovation that might involve demolition, or you are completely knocking down a residential property, you will retain some scrap metal.

At Normetals, we take scrap for cash, and are often educating our customers about the hidden value that may be within the walls of your home! Wondering what scrap metal can fetch some money? Look no further.



Plumbing, both old and new, is one of the best sources of value scrap metal in a home. Copper pipings for gas and water are incredibly common, as is brass. These materials fetch the highest prices per kilogram, and are dense in composition, meaning you need less than you think for reimbursement! Unfortunately, these items are easy targets for theft, purely due to the price. If you are pulling down walls and find this material, compile it and bring it to a facility like Normetals as soon as possible to ensure you are getting the very best rate!



Door and window frames are often of aluminium. While not as lucrative as some of the other metals, it can be found in abundance. Builders and demolition experts often find aluminium in abundance at old work sites. Screen doors are also of this material, and while it may be light, it is straightforward to stack up aluminium, especially in larger projects. There is also a range of products that are in homes such as old electronics and bike frames that will contain aluminium. Often seen in cohesion with other metal materials, aluminium is more common than you may think!



One of the biggest secrets for scrap metal in a residential property is old air-conditioning or central heating systems. Commonly these waste products will have some form of brass in abundance, as well as other valuable metals. If you are upgrading your system, your air-conditioning specialist may be removing ducting, pipes and even units, which can contain precious scrap metal. The benefit of this is that most likely there will be a reasonable amount of the material, which will make your trip to Normetals more than worth it.


It is easy to think that waste materials may be useless, but hold on to it rather than toss metal away with the rest of the junk. At Normetals we can help you efficiently dispose of these items, leaving you to reap the financial benefits. For more information about where you might find scrap metal, call Normetals today.

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