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Why do we recycle steel?

With a dramatic increase in the recycling of scrap metal in Australia, those out of the know may be asking themselves why all the fuss? Well in Adelaide, there are numerous reasons for recycling steel, all of which are beneficial. These reasons may impact in the environment, or your savings in a positive way.

Regardless, with Normetals, we can ensure that your commitment to recycling scrap metal will be justified through a variety of reasons.

Contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment

One of the main reasons we elect to recycle steel here in Adelaide is the overwhelming positives recycling of these materials can have on the environment. By choosing to recycle these materials rather than disposing of them traditionally, we decrease carbon emissions, decrease landfill and preserve the planets precious natural resources.

It can be hard to believe that your old window frames and cut-offs can somehow impact the environment, however, if everyone does their part, we can dramatically reduce the energy it takes to create new steel materials. The reforming of steel produces about 25% less energy than the manufacture of these products from scratch.

Rather than using iron ore and other natural resources continuously, we can close the loop by continuing to use recycled products which will never decrease in quality.


Reuse in manufacturing

In the steel manufacturing industry, the purchasing of certain recycled materials is vital to the longevity of the industry. By buying these materials from recycling depots such as Normetals, the manufacturers can save money in running costs (due to the shortened production process) and preserve the larger minerals needed to create steel products from scratch.

This helps these businesses endure, and will provide the everyday South Australian more convenient options for steel products for a lower price. So if you purchase steel products, the recycling of these materials will ultimately make your customer experience an easier one.


Financial benefits

The final reason we recycle scrap in Adelaide is the financial compensation the everyday person is entitled to. With fluctuating prices, you can expect to get some form of rebate based on the amount of scrap steel you bring into Normetals. While some materials such as copper are worth more, regardless of the material, you will receive some financial compensation per kilogram you have of a particular material. This provides an incentive to recycle but also allows manufacturers to purchase the material for repurposing.

The above three reasons are the main priority for recycling scrap metal in Adelaide. With immense positive effects on the environment, and a number of significant causes for the industry and your individual financial situation, you should be considering recycling scrap metal. If you have some old copper piping or some aluminium waste, drop by Normetal’s convenient Grand junction Road location today.

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