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Why should I recycle my scrap metal in Adelaide?

Often when we think of recycling, we talk about cardboard, plastic and glass. This could be attributed to the typical household location of these items. However, at Normetals we are here to tell you that scrap metal recycling is extremely beneficial for all involved, and with the right help, you will find this process both easy, and rewarding.


The core reason you should consider recycling your scrap metal is to ensure that strides toward are more sustainable environment are being made. Recycling on all fronts is one of the best contributions the everyday Australians can make toward aiding the atmosphere. With the reuse and reforming of these scrap metals, precious natural resources that are used for machinery and the material itself will be preserved.

These resources are depleting rapidly around the world, and recycling is just one way to avoid the intense carbon emissions that come from mining and using these materials. Similarly, recycled materials take significantly less energy to be repurposed compared to the production of these materials from scratch (25% less).

‘Closing the loop’ is a goal that involves the complete circulation of recycled steel materials, as they can be used time and time again without losing any quality of the product. This would have incredible benefits on the ecosystem.


Another tangible reason you should consider recycling is the rebates you can receive depending on the type of material you deposit. By taking your scrap steel to Normetals, you will be offered price per kilogram for the materials. Some prices are higher than others, such as copper, and some are less like iron. However, all of these materials can be financially beneficial. As these materials can be reused there will always be a demand, and therefore you can think of your recycling as a task that is rewarding to your bank account and your conscious.


Another reason you should consider recycling your scrap metal rather than simply disposing of it is the effects it has on landfill areas. Landfill space is expanding rapidly, which means that more natural animal habitats are being destroyed. Consequently, landfill spaces will also burn waste to make more disposal space, a task that can release harmful carbon emissions back into the environment. This, combined with the rising prices of dumping at a landfill, is a great incentive to take your Adelaide scrap metal to Normetals.

There are numerous financial and environmental reasons that you should recycle scrap metal. At Normetals we can ensure that this process is stress-free. With a passionate team, we have a single goal to provide you with the best service possible. For any questions or queries, call Normetals today ( 08 8240 0066 ).

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