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A Guide to Our Range of Steel Supplies

When you’re after top-quality steel supplies for a project, you don’t want to muck around with a bunch of smaller firms. You want to go to a major supplier who has EVERYTHING you might require, knows exactly what they are doing and has been doing it successfully for many years. In South Australia, that supplier is Adelaide’s Normetals. We stock a wide range of steel products for home, rural and industrial use, as outlined below.

Chains and Anchors

Seeking a chain and/or anchor with serious holding power? Our steel supplies include an array of different chains and anchors for both agricultural and maritime use. Regarding the latter, an excellent summary of recommended anchors based on boat size and conditions – plus much more handy anchor-related info – can be found here.

Galvanised & Black Pipe

Normetals’ galvanised pipe (coated with zinc) and black pipe (not coated) is available in sizes from 15 NB to 150 NB. NB stands for Nominal Bore, which refers to the internal rather than external diameter of the pipe. That’s a vital measurement when transporting liquid or gas. However, even if you’re wanting these pipes for other purposes such as fencing or gating, our steel products will definitely do the job. Speaking of gates and fences, we have loads of ready-made options for folks on the land.

Merchant Bar

Of course, our steel supplies feature a full selection of flat, round and angle merchant bar, all of steel grade 250 plus. Everyone from the home handyman to the engineer on a major construction project will find the right merchant bar – and in the right quantity, too.

Rectangular Hollow Section

Available in a wide range of sizes from our undercover warehouse, our RHS is painted and galvanised. You can also choose from Australian-made steel products or imported steel, depending on the purpose you have in mind for the rectangular hollow section.

Structural Steel

Whether you’re extending an existing building or erecting an entirely new one, come and see us for a top deal on structural steel. As with all of our steel products, there are plenty of buying options. Universal beams, parallel flange channels, etc. – we’ve got ’em!

And if you’re interested in reading about the Australian standards for steel construction, the official document – all 186 pages of it – can be purchased here. It covers the minimum requirements for fabricating structural steel, surface preparation, erection and modification.

Need Steel Supplies for Your Next Project?

At Normetals, we’re known as a leader in steel products in Adelaide and across the rest of South Australia. We offer great products at competitive prices, backed by the best service. For more information, email or call our toll-free number – 1800 88 22 66 . Whatever you require for your house, farm or factory, chances are we either have it in stock or can get it. Why would you go anywhere else for steel supplies?

But wait, there’s more!

As part of our commitment to top service, we’re happy to cut your steel products on site to meet specific measurements, using our guillotine, large bandsaw or small cut-off saw.

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