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Fencing? We Have Everything You Need!

If you’re about to undertake any kind of steel fencing in the Adelaide area, your go-to supplier should be Normetals. We carry rural fencing supplies, residential fencing supplies and temporary fencing. This blog entry will give an overview of our products in those three categories and, if you have any further questions or are ready to order to some top-quality, competitively priced steel supplies, you’ll find our contact details at the end.

Rural Fencing Supplies

Customers fencing farms are well served as we offer single-strand fencing, barbed-wire fencing, regular farm fencing or galvanised-panel fencing. To go with these, we also stock a selection of different sturdy rural gates that vary from 8-16 feet in width.

Our rural fencing supplies also include panels and gates constructed to suit cattle, sheep and alpacas/llamas. Plus, we have droppers, galvanised mesh rolls (ideal for rodent protection) and galvanised weld mesh sheets, all in various sizes.

Residential Fencing Supplies

Whether you’re doing home fencing yourself or employing tradies, you’ll find a wide range of possibilities within our residential fencing supplies. Post-and-rail fencing and “good neighbour” fencing (identical on both sides) are among the choices.

Our selection features many Colourbond colours, corrugated fencing and trim-deck options. We can also assist you with rapid-set concrete, which stabilises fence posts, etc. faster than the regular variety. It’s another part of our one-stop residential fencing supplies.

While we’re discussing residential fencing, it’s worth mentioning our retaining walls. We have the concrete sleepers and the steel fencing to go with them. And said sleepers are available in different sizes, shapes, patterns, etc. to match your design goals.

Temporary Fencing

If you need a non-permanent fence for your special event, construction site or for some other reason – e.g. as an in-between stage, until such time as you can erect permanent fencing on the same site – we can supply you with the necessary temporary fencing gear.

The value of this sort of fencing is often underestimated by the general public, but it can deter thieves, vandals and trespassers, prevent accidents, and control crowds either to move them in a certain direction or stop them from entering a sensitive area.

Getting Rid of Old Metal Fencing?

If your fencing project involves removing and doing away with existing fencing, you may be able to make a bit of free cash by converting those old barriers into scrap. Check out our scrap metal services for details on the metals we take.

For Steel Fencing Materials in the Adelaide Area

Normetals can help! Whether you’re after rural fencing supplies, residential or temporary, we’ve got the materials for the job. Simply email us at , call toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the online form here.

Our huge five-acre site is equipped with a weigh bridge, numerous trucks and forklifts, and a 10-tonne crane. It’s all designed to make collecting steel supplies like fencing (or dropping off recyclable scrap metal) as quick and easy for our customers as possible.

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